George Soros – Leftist Behind Silencing Conservatives?

Published May 2, 2017

Knowing Republicans control the House, the Senate, the White House, and the majority of State Governors, one might rightfully ask “Why do Democrats still have such a strong public voice?” The answer is troubling: The majority of America’s media sources are exceedingly and blatantly biased.

Largely comprised of Liberal Democrats, they want to sway the public to their political viewpoints, and whether intentional or not, they preach their interpretation of the news and important issues which concern most citizens. This is true of Hollywood radicals to the biased New York Timesand most media sources in between. Trumps’ surprising election victory signaled that the public wanted a new direction. They chose a non-politician for a reason and they will choose television, newspapers, websites, and radio programs that reflect a course correction to the Right, that they believe best and necessary for America.

Consider that very few television media sources currently provide viewers with the Conservative viewpoint. FOX News is one of the very few exceptions. Not surprisingly, FOX is disliked, if not hated, by many on the political Left, and yet their programming remains #1:  the most popular cable news program. Rather than the Left learning from Fox’s successes and adapting to a less extreme Liberal agenda, most on the Left instead choose to devise ways to silence the more popular, effective Conservative voices, especially those who expose facts detrimental to their Liberal agenda.

Initial Victim of Left’s Liberal Agenda

The most obvious victims have been known FOX personalities, such as Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Roger Ailes.

Glenn Beck was the first highly successful Conservative personality to suffer an attack by the Left, largely because he provided viewers with shocking facts that exposed details of specific people.  Beck concentrated on one man, George Soros, and all the organizations he founded and funded in association with his Open Society Foundation.

George Soros was not a household name at the time.  That changed when Beck began exposing details about this multimillionaire, such as how he uses his billions to manipulate the economy of specific countries to his advantage and often to their financial decline.  Even more interesting to Conservatives is that Beck provided  the names of these ultra-Liberal activist organizations, their functions and goals.

FOX viewers where shocked when FOX removed Glenn Beck, especially considering his program enjoyed excellent ratings.  At the time, most did most did not connect his leaving with Mr. Soros.  The average American had no idea one man had the ability to remove someone as popular as Beck and that he was not immediately picked up by another media source.  However, his former audience finally realized the truth and that  Beck had been right all along about this man.  Beck’s warnings about Soros were not exaggerated.

Since Beck first exposed Soros on his FOX program, Soros has been busy adding to his immense wealth and adding more organizations to accomplish his anti-Conservative, many say anti-American, goals.  He has contributed more than $8,000,000.00 to at least . Many of which are described as detrimental to the values of our forefathers intent to undermine the principles of our U.S. democracy and to do whatever possible to silence those with whom they disagree, especially in maligning President Trump and his administration whenever possible.

It was a surprise to Thorner and O’Neil to learn that specific “fact-checker” teams are funded by George Soros with the aim to silence and/or discredit those with inconvenient facts that argue against his Liberal agenda.

Ailes and O’Reilly Suffer Same Fate

The next Soros casualty was Roger Ailes, the mastermind behind FOX News, one of the first to create a highly popular Conservative television news program.  Some in the industry considered Ailes a genius who also found and hired the most effective show personalities.

The biggest Fox shocker, however, was the removal of Bill O’Reilly from its programming.  This was an eye-opener that finally caused the public to begin questioning the oddity of FOX firing another highly popular Conservative voice.  It reminded FOX fans of the other victims who suffered a similar fate, causing them to realize there is a serious problem when someone with power can silence speech with which he disagrees.  It is a chilling reminder of why all speech must be jealously protected, and what happens if the public does not challenge those who ignore it.

The excuse given to the public regarding the removal of Ailes and O’Reilly was from claims, not proof, of sexual harassment; both men denied the claims.  At first blink, we tend to think the claims alone are sufficient enough to warrant removal.  But, it is curious that the supposed harassment occurred way before the women suddenly decided to report them.  Beck, on the other hand, was told he was fired because Fox objected to his mentioning of God.

Sean Hannity Fights Back

Now Sean Hannity has become the latest victim of an accusation of sexual harassment.   On Friday, April 21, 2017 on the Pat Campbell Show, former Fox News contributor, Debbie Schlussel, claimed Hannity had twice invited her to his hotel room after appearing together for one of his shows. Schlussel further claimed that after rejecting him, Hannity never invited her back on his show.  This was interestingly familiar to the claims against O’Reilly.

However, Hannity’s response was very different than his FOX friends.  He forcefully stated that Schlussel’s claims were “100 percent false and a complete fabrication,” further calling Schlussel a “serial harasser who has been lying about him for well over a decade.”  Threatening a lawsuit, Hannity made known that he will not allow slander and lies about him to go unchallenged in what he views as a coordinated effort afoot to silence those with conservative views.

After Hannity’s response, Schlussel changed her story.  Apparently she meant to say Hannity invited her to meet with him at his hotel, not in his hotel room.  Wow!  What a difference the threat of a lawsuit can make.  Too bad the other three Fox men didn’t respond in the same manner.

Calling all Patriots: Be Bold and Fight Back

All these men have been irritants of Soros, and it is fair to think Soros, his money, and his organizations were involved in a plot to remove them, their voices, and opinions because they opposed his own.  Are Soros’ tactics legal?  Regrettably they are, which should be a wake-up call to all Patriots who resent such tactics intended to silent opposition voices.

We might not have the money or power to match what Soros’ organizations can accomplish, but we do have the ability to join together in an effort to promote our political positions whenever and wherever possible.  There are Conservative, Republican groups throughout this nation that would be ecstatic to have Conservatives join them in their political efforts.  Rather than lamenting over what we perceive as wrong, a far better solution is to join other like-minded Patriots, providing a stronger voice that cannot be ignored.

We can boldly share our political views with friends, relatives, and neighbors. President Trump and his administration give us renewed hope and at least a four year window of opportunity to move America in the right direction.  Let’s do it!

Freedom is not free … it sometimes comes with a price each of us must pay to preserve what our forefathers gave to us.

[Originally Published at the Illinois Review]