Getaway Deal

Published December 23, 2011

A newlywed Kansas couple is being sued for $250,000 for breaching an oral agreement they allegedly had with the man who kidnapped them.

The kidnapper, wanted for murder at the time, alleges he entered the couple’s house and threatened them with a knife. A neighbor said the couple gained the kidnapper’s trust by sharing Cheetos and Dr. Pepper with him.

The kidnapper alleges he entered into an oral contract with the couple for an unspecified amount of money in which they agreed to hide him. Instead, they “reneged” on the contract, waited until he fell asleep, and then escaped.

Police arrived, and one officer’s gun discharged, injuring the kidnapper in the back. He alleges this resulted from the couple’s breach of their contract with him.

Source: Tim Hrenchir, “Dimmick sues couple he kidnapped,” November 28, 2011