Google Is STILL Rigging Searches For Hillary Clinton

Published September 6, 2016

To quote Tool’s Maynard James Keenan: “I’m getting bored of getting bored.”

So many of America’s institutions are so consistently Leftist – that it pushes one past outrage to simple, resigned boredom. Government primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, the media, Hollywood and most entertainment – all incessantly, boringly Leftist.

Sure, there are the occasional exceptions – Clint Eastwood, Tom Selleck, some country music stars. But they exist solely to prove the rule.

The Silicon Valley – America’s Tech Mecca – is no different. God bless uber-creator Peter Thiel – but he’s another rare deviation. In the Valley, it’s nigh omni-directional Leftist. I’m surprised the roads there aren’t all one way – and you’re forced to make three left turns rather than one right.

Thiel helped launch Facebook into the stratosphere with a game-breaking $500,000 angel investment. Yet Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg raced to distance the site from Thiel’s speech at this year’s Republican National Convention.

Zuckerberg, in fact, was but one voice of an entire Grecian Geek Chorus.

Peter Thiel’s Embrace of Trump Has Silicon Valley Squirming


And no Valley institution has been more proactively Leftist – than mammoth, monster Google. The Venn diagram between the company and the Barack Obama Administration – is one circle evenly, perfectly laid over another. And the policy rewards from the administration for Google’s support and fealty – are great, and continuing to grow.

But most of these Google gifts are the result of unilateral administration power grabs – and thus ephemeral. They can (and should) all be unilaterally undone by the next administration.

Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton has promised to keep in place the ones to which she’s spoken – most vocally, most importantly the awful Network Neutrality. So Google is a big Clinton fan – and wants to see her succeed Obama.

So they’ve been rigging their searches to her benefit – more specifically, hiding damaging search results. This became a thing in June.

Google Is Rigging Searches For Hillary Clinton: “When we type – ‘Hillary Clinton cri’ – into Google, the site’s auto-complete function shows three potential searches: ‘Hillary Clinton crime reform,’ ‘Hillary Clinton crisis’ and ‘Hillary Clinton Crime Bill 1994.’ However, when you type the same term – ‘Hillary Clinton cri’ – into Google’s competitors Bing and Yahoo, you get very different results. Focusing on whether or not Hillary Clinton has ever committed a crime….

“When you type – ‘Hillary Clinton ind’ – into Bing or Yahoo, there are plenty of indictment-based recommendations. When you type it into Google, the top two recommendations are ‘Hillary Clinton Indiana’ and ‘Hillary Clinton India.’….When we entered them both into ‘Trends,’ people were searching for ‘Hillary Clinton indictment’ eight times more often than ‘Hillary Clinton India.'”

Google, of course, denied it all.

But also in June:

Google Says It’s Not Deliberately Filtering “Crooked Hillary” Suggested Search to Favor Clinton: “Type ‘lying’ into Google, and it will suggest ‘Lying Ted,’ the moniker US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump placed on his onetime rival, Ted Cruz. But type ‘crooked’ into Google, and it doesn’t bring up the ‘Crooked Hillary’ label that Trump has attached to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. What’s going on?”

What’s going on, indeed?

Since then, Clinton’s health has become a much-discussed campaign topic. All sorts of banter – Web and otherwise. When discussing it on Fox News, former New York City mayor and Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani even gave Google some free publicity:

Giuliani: Google ‘Hillary Clinton Illness’

Which would be a great idea – except:

Google Hides Popular Hillary Clinton Health Searches: “Searches for ‘Hillary Clinton’s he-‘ across three different search engines provide quite different results. When searched on Google, the first suggested searches provided are ‘Hillary Clinton’s headquarters,’ ‘Hillary Clinton’s health plan,’ and ‘Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan.’ Search results on Bing return the suggestions, ‘Hillary Clinton’s health,’ ‘Hillary Clinton’s health issues,’ and ‘Hillary Clinton’s health and weight,’ while search results on Yahoo return the suggestions, ‘Hillary Clinton’s health problems,’ ‘Hillary Clinton’s health,’ and ‘Hillary Clinton’s health issues.'”

Well that’s boringly familiar. And makes Google’s June denials seem…a little suspect.

Is Google finished? Of course not – it’s not yet November 8.

Google Buries ‘Clinton Body Count’: Search Engine Accused of Hiding Negative Stories During Hillary’s Campaign: “When users type ‘Clinton body’, Google’s top results are car repair shops. But other search engines auto-complete with stories about body count. It refers to a notorious list of people connected to the Clintons who have died mysteriously in the past three decades.”

Google remains Leftist. And unscrupulous. And consistent. Insipid.

Big Government and Big Business – yet again engaging in uber-cronyism. Past, present – and future.

So beyond outrageous – all the way round to boring.

Corruption has become so commonplace – it can now be mass-marketed as a cure for insomnia.

[Originally Published at Red State]