Growth Responses of Tree Roots to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

Published May 29, 2013

The CO2-induced enhancement of tree root growth out in the real world of nature may actually be much larger than previously believed… Read More

Wind Speeds over China: AR5 Climate Models vs. Real-World Data (28 May 2013)
Chen et al. quantified and compared “the magnitude, historical trends and temporal variability in 10-m wind speeds derived from direct observations, reanalysis products and output from AOGCMs,” using nine more up-to-date CMIP-5 models that are to be featured in the upcoming IPCC AR5 report, finding that “all models exhibit lower interannual variability than reanalysis data and observations, and none of the models reproduce the recent decline in wind speed that is manifest in the near-surface observations [italics added]”… Read More

The Plight of the Planet’s Marine Life: Impacts of UVB Radiation (28 May 2013)
Until the stratospheric ozone layer makes a full recovery, caution might be in order before jumping on the climate-alarmist claim bandwagon with respect to global warming and ocean acidification, as changes in temperature and oceanic pH may not be the demons they are often made out to be… Read More

Food Security in a Changing Climate: A Back-to-Basics Approach (28 May 2013)
Results of this study “provide more insight into agro-ecological processes and demonstrate how complex agricultural systems can contribute to food security in a changing climate”… Read More

Modeling Precipitation Over the Mediterranean Region (29 May 2013)
How much confidence do comparisons of climate model “hind-casts” and actual observations give us? Unfortunately, not much when the direction or sign of the projected change fails to match with observations… Read More

More CO2 but Less Nitrogen: A Double Whammy for Diatoms? (29 May 2013)
Will two of the supposed major impacts of humanity on the world’s oceans be as bad as some claim they will be?… Read More

ENSO Behavior in Evolving Climate Models: CMIP5 vs. CMIP3 (29 May 2013)
Has much progress been made over the past few years? In spite of an enormous amount of time, money and scientific effort, only a “a modest improvement over previous models” has been realized… Read More