Health Care Reform on the Web

Published August 1, 2001

Ever wonder how the managing editor stays abreast of breaking developments in health care reform? In two words: the Internet.

The Web sites described here, listed in alphabetical order, represent a very small sampling of sites worth visiting on a regular basis if you’re trying to monitor health care reform. This is by no means a complete list. In fact, if you have bookmarked a valuable Web site that doesn’t appear in this list, please let me know! Send an email message to [email protected].

American Legislative Exchange Council
The voice of state elected officials. Excellent site for studies and model legislation.

American Association of Physicians and Surgeons
The voice of market-oriented medical professionals.
Medical Sentinel, an AAPS publication.

Business Journals
A great news source. Can be customized.

My personal Web site, offering regular health care reform updates.

Council for Affordable Health Insurance
Organization of health insurers with a powerful voice in D.C. Note: Membership fee required to access “insider” information on the Web site.

Families USA
Spinning to the left. This one site will keep you in touch with the liberal agenda.

The Galen Institute
Organizers of the Consensus Group. Another really good source for research and weekly email updates.

Health Insurance Association of America
These folks are on top of breaking news and issues.

The Heartland Institute
Outstanding and award-winning free-market Web site offering a wealth of policy information not only on health care reform, but on dozens of other topics as well. Heartland’s PolicyBot database and search engine put over 7,500 documents in Adobe’s popular PDF format at your fingertips–free.

The Heritage Foundation
A major player in the Washington, DC health care debate.

Institute for Policy Innovation
Extensive library of policy studies, issue briefs, newsletters, and books.

National Association of Health Underwriters
Home for professional health insurance agents and brokers. Good source for information about state and federal legislative activities.

National Center for Policy Analysis
A must read, early and often. Sign up for email updates from NCPA and from Health Care News Assistant Editor Greg Scandlen.

National Center for Public Policy and Research
Dozens of reports on health care and retirement security.

The RAND Group
Premier research and analysis on all manner of social issues.

Leaning to the left of center, but an excellent news source.