Heartland Daily Podcast: Health Policy Post Obamacare

Published November 6, 2013

On Heartland‘s Daily podcast, Senior Health and Policy Analyst Ben Domenech was interviewed to speak about the effects on health policy post Obamacare. At this point, there are ten Senators that are endorsing a mandate to further delay the implementation of the disastrous Obamcare exchange because it is still not ready. Obamacare will inherently not work.

The question becomes, how does the responses of the solutions divide the political spectrum? Domenech asserts three separate factions forming: The Democrats who believe Obamacare had not been implemented to its fullest extent, Republicans who want to repeal it completely and the middle, who would like to reform Obamacare. The 2014 election will highlight candidates platforms at the forefront. In order for Republicans to win over voters they need an outlined reform, not to demand an overturn.

Although the general consensus believes that the Republicans do not have a unifying platform that refutes Obamacare, Domenech believes is wrong. The Conservative party generally agrees that: the tax bias to businesses who have employer sponsored health insurance to end, reform medical malpractice, additional subsidies for high risk pool (which would still cost less than Obamcare), allow competition of insurers and reform the Food and Drug Administration. The task for Republicans is to popularize their short, sweet, free market reform in order to win over the middle.

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