Heartland Daily Podcast: The Future of Obamacare

Published January 18, 2014

We live in a post-Obamacare world now. The only questions are what we do about it. Avik Roy and Benjamin Domenech discuss the future of Obamacare in this cross-post to the Heartland Dailiy Podcast.

Two of the best health care experts in the country note that America’s health care delivery system was far from optimal before Obamacare was law As Avik Roy noted, it’s not like we had a free-market and efficiency-seeking system before Obama pushed his bill through Congress.

But by the time Obama is gone — and there are enough opponents of Obamacare in Congress to repeal the law in part or in whole — will it already be too late? Avik and Ben agree that we’re likely to end up with candidates who pledge to “fix it” in 2016. How effective those fixes will be after Obamacare made our health system worse is still an open question. “Repeal and Replace” may be the rallying cry of Republicans, but the “replace” portion will be the most important.

Avik and Ben discuss some great solutions to correct the mess we have today in our health system. Listen to this excellent podcast in the player above.

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