Heartland Files Amicus Curiae Brief in Gun Control Case

Published August 29, 2003

The Heartland Institute, in keeping with its history of support of Second Amendment rights, has filed an amicus curiae brief in support of the Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgement in the case of Shelley Parker, et al., vs. District of Columbia, et al.

The suit was filed to protect the rights of individuals to keep and bear arms without undue restrictions from the federal government or state governments.

Heartland’s amicus brief, filed by attorney Maureen Martin of The Martin Law Firm, Green Bay, Wisconsin, is similar to a previous amicus brief submitted in 1999 in United States v. Timothy Joe Emerson.

The Heartland Institute has nearly 80 studies and reports on Second Amendment issues available by searcing PolicyBot on this Web site. The amicus brief in this case can be found at http://www.heartland.org/Article.cfm?artId=12833

For further information, contact Michael Van Winkle, media relations specialist for The Heartland Institute, at 312/377-4000, email [email protected]