Heartland Institute Announces Board Changes

Published August 8, 2008

The Heartland Institute, a national nonprofit research and education, announced the results of elections for positions on its Board of Directors, which took place during an annual meeting on August 4.

Four current members of the Board stood for reelection and were elected to three-year terms. They are: Joseph Bast (Chicago, Illinois), Robert Buford (Chicago, Illinois), Elizabeth Rose (San Diego, California), and Herbert Walberg (Chicago, Illinois). One director, Roy Marden, did not stand for reelection and no longer serves on the Board. One person, Jeffrey Madden (Oakbrook, Illinois) was newly elected to the Board.

“We are extremely grateful to Roy Marden for his service, and we look forward to working with Jeffrey Madden and the reelected Directors for the next three years,” said Joseph Bast, Heartland’s president and CEO.