Heartland Institute Experts Praise FDA Report on Smokeless Tobacco Products

Published March 28, 2012

Heartland Institute experts today praised a new report from the Food and Drug Administration that says dissolvable tobacco products are less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

The report, available online here, deals with finely milled tobacco products that dissolve in the user’s mouth. In addition to confirming that such products are less dangerous than cigarettes, the FDA report warns dissolvable products could increase the total number of tobacco users.

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“Smokeless products are so much less harmful than cigarettes that even if there were more total tobacco users, the total amount of disease and death caused by tobacco use would decline dramatically because of the shift to far less risky products. Personally, I’d rather see more tobacco users and less illness. Yes, even if that meant more profits for tobacco companies. I doubt most anti-tobacco activists would be willing to agree.”

Jeff Stier
Senior Fellow
National Center for Public Policy Research
[email protected]

“For once, the FDA is showing it has some sense. Hardly anything works consistently to help people quit smoking. And, although no tobacco product is safe, some are safer than others. If people switch to other, safer tobacco products it could save lives.”

Eli Lehrer
Vice President, DC Operations
The Heartland Institute
[email protected]

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