Heartland Institute Praises Natural Disaster Mitigation Act

Published June 2, 2011

WASHINGTON — The Heartland Institute today commended Rep. Tom Rooney (R-FL) and Bennie Thompson’s (D-MS) proposed Natural Disaster Mitigation Act. The bill, to be introduced today, provides a tax credit for individuals to secure their properties against natural disasters. The measure is based on concepts developed through the smartersafer.org coalition, of which Heartland is a member.
“Risk-based insurance rates provide the best and surest way to promote property protection, but this bill provides a legitimate incentive to help people help themselves,” said Eli Lehrer, Heartland’s vice president for Washington, DC operations. “The government does have a role to play in helping people cope with natural disasters and this bill, while far from an all-purpose fix, is an important step in the right direction.”
Lehrer can be reached at 202-615-0586 or [email protected].
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