Heartland Institute President and Common Cause President are panelists on Justice Talking

Published February 18, 2004

CHICAGO, February 18, 2004 — Heartland Institute President Joseph Bast and Common Cause President Chellie Pingree discuss Prescriptions Across the Border on Justice Talking, a radio program syndicated nationally on Natonal Public Radio (NPR). Prescriptions Across the Border is scheduled to air this week; to check for air-times in your area, access the Justice Talking Web site at www.justicetalking.org. The debate is also available online at the same Web site.

Justice Talking is an award-winning radio program that engages listeners in timely and open debates on current legal battles that capture our nation’s attention. Justice Talking is hosted by Margot Adler, an NPR radio host and correspondent with more than 30 years’ experience.

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