Heartland Institute Releases Energy Policy for America Guidebook

Published January 30, 2007

(Chicago, Illinois – January 30, 2007) Energy Policy for America, a guidebook for state elected officials and others interested in energy policy issues, was released today by The Heartland Institute, a 23-year-old Chicago-based think tank.

The guide is available for free download in Adobe Acrobat PDF at http://www.heartland.org/books/energyguide.cfm. It can also be purchased in The Heartland Institute’s online store (https://www.heartland.org/apps/store/store.cfm) in two formats: saddle-stitched and three-ring binder.

“Those who say we must not utilize our most inexpensive fuel sources are putting small and hypothetical risks ahead of much better-understood costs and benefits,” writes Joseph L. Bast, president of The Heartland Institute and coauthor, with Heartland vice president Sandy Liddy Bourne, of the guide. “Coal, natural gas, and nuclear power can be used to generate electricity safely and cleanly. If we fail to do so, we risk supply interruptions and rising costs, which in turn will reduce economic growth and job creation.”

The 64-page guide was written for busy state elected officials who need to stay on top of the energy debate. It covers nine of the most important energy issues facing the country today, from air quality and biofuels to natural gas and nuclear power.

Each chapter features a few pages of Talking Points, which frame the issue and summarize key data and ideas. The talking points are followed by one or two Background Readings, short articles containing sources and data backing up most of the talking points. Suggested Additional References appear at the end of each chapter.

For more information about Energy Policy for America or the work of The Heartland Institute, contact Trevor Martin, government relations director, at 312/377-4000, [email protected], or Sandy Liddy Bourne, vide president and coauthor, at [email protected].