Heartland Releases ‘Action Plan for President Trump’

Published November 28, 2016

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Man-caused Global Warming: The Greatest Scam in World History
Heartland Institute Science Director Jay Lehr was a featured speaker at the pre-election “Freedom Summit” in Chicago put on by local radio station AM 560 The Answer. In a packed room of nearly 200 conservative activists, Lehr explained how the media and “scientific community” collaborate to misinform the public on the shaky hypothesis that human activity – specifically the emission of carbon dioxide – is causing catastrophic climate change. WATCH HERE.

Heartland’s 2016 Election Wrap-Up Event
The Heartland Institute hosted a special post-election wrap-up event last week for nearly 200 guests at the European Crystal Banquet & Conference Center in Arlington Heights with our friends from AM 560 The Answer. The panel discussion, led by Heartland’s Jim Lakely, featured AM 560 hosts Joe Walsh and Dan Proft, along with the Illinois Opportunity Project’s Kathleen Murphy and Pat Hughes. Speakers addressed the reasons why Trump won, what happened in Illinois, and what the future holds. If you missed being there in person, or didn’t catch the live-stream, WATCH HERE.

Action Plan for President Trump
The Heartland Institute this week released its “Action Plan for President Trump,” a list of 34 free-market policy recommendations on domestic policy. Many of the recommendations can be implemented immediately – and all would increase individual liberty, promote more rapid economic growth, and restore the proper balance of power among the federal government, state governments, and the people. Check out our webpage for all of Heartland’s work and recommendations for President Trump in his first 100 days and beyond. READ MORE

Featured Podcast: Trump Must Stop Obama’s Single-Payer, ‘Judgment Fund’ Insurer Bailout Scheme
Executive Editor Justin Haskins and Health Care News Managing Editor Michael Hamilton join host Donny Kendal to discuss their recent National Review article on the hidden health insurer bailout currently being used to keep Obamacare afloat. By bailing out insurers, the Obama administration hopes to keep fragments of the Affordable Care Act alive through the Trump administration in order to “upgrade” Obamacare into the long-touted Democrat dream of socialized medicine. LISTEN TO MORE.

Join Us December 7 for Heartland’s ‘Freedom Rising’ Holiday Celebration
On December 7, join us for an evening celebrating a year of freedom rising at Heartland’s annual Holiday Celebration. We want to thank you for your friendship and support in helping us fight for freedom, and look forward to making 2017 a banner year for the cause of liberty. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be served, and the event is complimentary for all of Heartland’s friends and their guests. Help make our holidays happy by joining us for this special event! RSVP for this FREE event below. REGISTER HERE.

Speaker Ryan Leads Republicans to a Better Way
Peter Ferrara, Daily Caller
While President-elect Donald Trump was blazing a new electoral trail for Republicans, few noticed that Speaker Paul Ryan was organizing his House Republican majority to blaze new policy trails. The speaker’s task forces have come up with ready-to-roll pro-growth policies for Trump that would simplify the personal income tax, reduce the corporate income tax, replace Obamacare’s socialized medicine scheme with market-based health care policy, expand health savings accounts, and more. All these policies would get the economy moving again without leaving the poor behind. READ MOR.

Climate Alarmists Pushing Green Education Indoctrination
H. Sterling Burnett, Climate Change Weekly
Climate alarmists have worked diligently, and persuasively, to undermine the teaching of sound science, the scientific method, and critical thinking in America’s primary, secondary, and college classrooms. Climate alarmists want to indoctrinate America’s youth, turning green robots loose on their parents and the world. Heartland is working to stop them, but it won’t be easy. READ MORE.

Obamacare Could Live or Die by Two Pending Lawsuits
Michael Hamilton, Consumer Power Report
The Affordable Care Act is on life support – and President-elect Donald Trump stands poised to pull the plug. Trump’s defeat of Hillary Clinton has created what might be the last opportunity America has to repeal Obamacare and replace it with comprehensive, free-market changes that can fix a broken system. Two pending lawsuits could stop Obamacare before Trump lifts a finger: one to force a health insurer bailout, and another to stop payments to health insurers. One way or another, the Department of Justice’s “Judgment Fund” should not be used to bail out the insurance companies that conspired with the federal government to create Obamacare. READ MORE.

Bonus Podcast: In The Tank (ep64) – How Will a Trump Presidency Affect Budget and Tax Policy?
Host Donald Kendal is joined by Budget & Tax News Managing Editor Jesse Hathaway to discuss the comprehensive tax reforms America could see during a Trump administration. They discuss the recent Tax Foundation report on Trump’s tax reform plan, as well as his controversial $1 trillion infrastructure plan, which is a possible warning sign for all advocates of smaller government. LISTEN TO MORE.

Will Trump Close the Department of Education?
Robert Holland, Detroit News
For Americans who want parents and local communities to be in charge of K–12 education, the presidential election yielded positive results. At his numerous rallies, President-elect Trump received hearty cheers when he vowed to get rid of Common Core. As a populist issue, it may not top controlling the borders and bringing industrial jobs back to the United States, but it is close. Conquering the government education beast is a monumental task, but one major step Trump could take would be to shut down the bloated Department of Education, and move education choice back to parents all while saving billions. READ MORE.

New Webpage on Wikipedia’s Lies
Now there is a single website that collects dozens of articles, including scholarly research, on how Wikipedia, the “free encyclopedia,” is actually the fake encyclopedia. Wikipedia is the first place millions of people go to learn about organizations and individuals they hear about in the news or online, but the profiles posted there are biased, unreliable, and often libelous. The Heartland Institute’s Wikipedia profile contains many lies and errors, but we are not alone: thousands of profiles have been similarly hacked by leftist activists. READ MORE