Heartland Releases Summary of Michigan Policy Roadmap

Published September 18, 2008

The Heartland Institute today released a draft summary of a major research report it is preparing titled A Michigan Public Policy Roadmap. Coauthored and edited by Robert Genetski, Ph.D., and Joseph L. Bast, the 250-page report examines Michigan’s “economic meltdown” and proposes a set of detailed policy recommendations to set the state back on the path to prosperity.

The full report is still undergoing peer review and is expected to be published in November 2008. Persons interested in participating in the peer review process are encouraged to send their contact information and qualifications to Sam Karnick, research director of The Heartland Institute, at [email protected]. Please review the summary first and then indicate which chapters of the manuscript you wish to review.

“Michigan is in the midst of the greatest economic crisis of its history,” said Joseph Bast, president of The Heartland Institute and coauthor or editor of 12 previous books. “This book draws together the expertise of 11 people and represents six months of intensive research. It offers a “Roadmap to Prosperity” that the state’s residents desperately need.”

A preview of the study’s findings is being presented today in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at a conference organized by the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce.