Heartland Weekly: Blame Government For Rising College Tuition

Published October 14, 2019

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Many Support Climate Action Only If Cheap
H. Sterling Burnett
Public opinion surveys continue to show people’s concerns about catastrophic climate change are a mile wide and an inch deep.

Blame Government For Rising College Tuition
Chris Talgo
Daily Caller
The student loan debt bubble has reached epic proportions. More than 44 million young Americans are on the hook for a mind-boggling $1.56 trillion in student loan debt.

Postal Service Must Embrace Reform
Edward Hudgins
Epoch Times
USPS has the chance to take much-needed action to stem multi-billion-dollar annual losses, which threatens the very future of USPS mail delivery.

A Can of Worms in Big Sky Country
Host: Lindsey Stroud
Guest: Matt Culley
Vaping YouTuber and designer Matt Culley discusses Montana Gov. Steve Bullock’s recent ban on flavored e-cigarettes.

Rise of Socialism on Campus
Host: Jim Lakely
Guest: Charlie Copeland
Charlie Copeland, president and CEO of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI), talks about the rise of socialism on America’s college campuses.

The Hostile Robot Takeover
Host: Andrew Singer
Guest: Edward Hudgins
Heartland’s tech specialist and research director Ed Hudgins joins the show to talk about moves aiming to ban robots, artificial intelligence and automation.

Scientists Call for Reasoned Debate
Rich Trzupek
Epoch Times
A global network of scientists and professionals attempted to inject reasonableness and decorum into what should be a robust discussion about a complex scientific and public policy issue.

NBA Should Follow South Park‘s Script
Chris Talgo
This week had two companies take opposite measures when dealing with Chinese censorship: The NBA bowed down and Comedy Central’s South Park stood up.

School Choice Can Bust Government’s Monopoly
Robert Holland
For the past year, South Carolina lawmakers have focused on a major education reform plan. Their plan will likely not include school choice.

Kids Have Constitutional Rights, Too!
Teresa Mull
American Thinker
Loveland High School student Nathan Myers recently did what many Colorado kids do: He ventured into the great outdoors for some target practice with his mom.

The Hypocrisy of the Ruling Class
David D’Amato
The Hill
A redacted version of the complaint filed in August by an anonymous whistleblower was declassified and released to the public last week.

The 2020 California Tax Grab
Larry Sand
California Policy Center
Like a bad zombie movie where no one really dies, California’s “split roll property tax” is back after being defeated in 2016 by the concerned public.

Progressivism Is An Imposter
Richard Ebeling
“What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.” This became an often-repeated popular line after its use in the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke.

The Responsibility of Business
Daniel Sutter
The Heartland Institute
The Business Roundtable recently released a statement claiming that businesses have a broader purpose than simply making profit

The Electoral College Matters
Trent England
The Heartland Institute
Despite recent criticism, the Electoral College system is needed. Under it, presidential elections are decentralized, taking place in the states.