Heartland Weekly: Canceling Student Debt Would Be a Big Mistake

Published February 3, 2020

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Dr. Richard Keen, R.I.P.
Jim Lakely
The Heartland Institute
Climate scientist and frequent Heartland speaker Dr. Richard Keen passed away last Saturday after a heroic four-year battle against pancreatic cancer. All of us will miss him terribly.

Democrats’ Student Debt Lies
Justin Haskins
Fox News
One of the costliest, most controversial, and downright foolish plans circulating among Democratic presidential candidates is to cancel student loan debt to some degree.

The Prince of Climate Hypocrisy
Tiffany Taylor
CNS News
When Prince Charles is not spending his royal time lecturing peasants about climate change, he logs over 16,000 miles in 11 days, including to meet Greta, in his private aircraft.

The Failure of Climate Lawsuits
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: Peter Ferrara
Multiple courts have dismissed climate lawsuits against fossil fuel companies, ruling that it is up to the legislative or executive branches to dictate environment and energy policy.

NPU: Connecting Parents
Host: Lennie Jarratt
Guests: National Parents Union
Co-founders of the National Parents Union (NPU) Keri Rodrigues and Alma Marquez join the program to discuss their fight as parents against the all-powerful teachers’ unions.

Trump Impeachment Case is Weak
Hosts: Billy Aouste and Chris Talgo
Heartland Institute hosts go over the impeachment proceedings and the legal case against President Trump. It is not nearly as sound as Democrats believe it is.

Doomsday Never Seems to Happen
Anthony Watts
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced their “Doomsday Clock” is closer than ever to zero due to climate change, direr than at the height of the Cold War.

Climate Lawsuits Waste Time & Money
H. Sterling Burnett

Orange County Register
After a bout of failed climate lawsuits, enough is enough. It’s the job of elected branches, not the judiciary, to determine climate and energy policy in the United States.

Lessons from a School Choice Pioneer
Robert Holland
During National School Choice week, students and teachers had the opportunity to learn from a genuine civil rights and school choice pioneer: Virginia Walden Ford.

Broken FDA System Keeps Hurting
Christina Herrin
Allowing patients to have access to therapies before they have received the gold stamp of approval from the FDA would bring drugs to market sooner at a lower cost.

Waste Not, Want Not
Greg Walcher
The Heartland Institute
The United States would be less in want of public infrastructure improvements if we stopped wasting so much money studying them and got busy actually building them.

Idaho Media’s Shameful Conduct
James Taylor
Environment & Climate News
Idaho newspapers made themselves look bad by resorting to ill-informed attacks against a Heartland expert presenting basic climate information to their Legislature.

Hypocrites Preaching Green
Ronald Stein
Tom Steyer, who has become the most influential environmentalist in American politics, made his billions from the coal-related projects his firm bankrolled.

The Greta Thunberg Fallacies
David Wojick
The IPCC fallacy is well widespread among many many alarmist scientists, and is the basis for the Paris Accord. The Thunberg fallacy is newer and nuttier.

Five Reasons NSCW Keeps Growing
Teresa Mull
With the success National School Choice Week has had, it’s amazing anyone still opposes education freedom. Here are five reasons choice is growing.