Heartland Weekly: Celebrating 75 Years Of ‘The Fountainhead’

Published May 21, 2018

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Farm Bill Shows the GOP at its Worst
H. Sterling Burnett, Sun Sentinel
Warning: Congress is preparing to pass a new farm bill. Unfortunately, this means we are due for yet another Soviet-style, five-year agriculture plan.

Happy 75th Birthday ‘The Fountainhead’
Jim Woods, Townhall
This month marked the 75th anniversary of Ayn Rand’s novel The Fountainhead. All these years later, it still hits the target. Heartland’s Ed Hudgins comments.

Jay Lehr Debates a Climate Alarmist
Jesse Hathaway, Investor’s Business Daily
A Congressional Budget Office report says the gap between spending and revenue will continue to widen as Congress fails again to address the debt time bomb.

Pay Teachers or Bureaucrats?
Hosts: Andy Singer
Guest: Lennie Jarratt, Chris Talgo
Teachers are striking for the wrong reasons. An ever-expanding bureaucracy is siphoning money that could go towards these educators..

Exposing California’s Anti-Poor Policies
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: CA State Sen. Ted Gaines
Sen. Gaines (R-El Dorado Hills) says CA Democrats have recently enacted energy policies that hurt the poor and drive jobs out of the Golden State.

History Behind the Bill of Rights
Hosts: Lindsey Stroud and Chris Talgo
Guest: David Shestokas
This episode of Constitutional Soundbites, features a discussion about the relationship between the Declaration to the Bill of Rights.

The Promise of Child Safety Accounts
Arianna Wilkerson and Lennie Jarratt, American Spectator
Child Safety Accounts, which would be available to every student stuck in a dangerous school, would revolutionize school safety.

A Carbon Tax Would Be Disastrous
H. Sterling Burnett, Washington Examiner
All should applaud the unwavering effort by Congressmen Steve Scalise (R-LA) and David McKinley’s (R-WV) to prevent the passage of a federal carbon tax.

Who ‘Meddled’ With Our Democracy?
Ilana Mercer, American Exceptionalism
The Russians didn’t deep-six our republic of private property rights and radical decentralization. Americans did that themselves.

Help the Homeless, Punish the Poor
Justin Haskins, The Blaze
Helping the homeless is a noble goal, but left-wing cities show that their efforts only have only hurt the poor.

Hippocratic Oath vs. ‘Hypocritic’ Oath?
Charles Battig, American Thinker
The progressive elites harboring the Left could stand to learn something from the teachings of old philosophers.

Marvel Infinity War Villain a Green Lefty
D. Brady Nelson, Townhall
In the Avenger’s Infinity War, Thanos is obviously the main villain but less obviously an economic do-gooder.