Heartland Weekly – Do NASA’s Latest Figures Confirm Global Warming?

Published May 13, 2019

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Voters Worldwide Are Becoming  More Skeptical 
H. Sterling Burnett
Climate Change Dispatch
Skepticism about whether humans are causing dangerous climate change has always been higher in the United States than in most industrialized countries.

Do NASA’s Latest Figures Confirm Global Warming?
Anthony Watts
American Thinker
A new report by NASA ignores certain satellite data sets in favor of ones that exacerbates the threat of man-made global warming. This manipulation by omission is sadly typical.

States Should Abandon CON Laws
AnneMarie Schieber
History and volumes of research by economists and policy experts show that certificate-of-need laws have failed and patients suffer the consequences.

The Politics of Ayn Rand
Host: Jim Lakely
Guests: Jonathan Hoenig, Amy Peikoff, Richard Salsman
How would the objectivist principles of Ayn Rand apply to modern day politics? Three objectivists and Ayn Rand experts join the show to highlight what’s right and wrong in America today.

The Sun’s Role in Climate Change
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: Henrik Svensmark
By bombarding the Earth with cosmic rays and being a driving force behind cloud formations, the sun plays a much larger role on climate than “consensus scientists” care to admit.

AOC and the VA
Host: Sarah Lee
Guest: Dan Caldwell
The executive director of Concerned Veterans for America addressed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s fearmongering that the VA would be privatized. That’s just what the VA needs.

Should We Be Worried? Part One
Richard Trzupek
Epoch Times
For all the joys inherent to living in an advanced nation in the 21 century, there is at least one aspect which threatens to destroy all the hard work of previous generations: Risk aversion.

PA’s Crippling Climate Action Plan
Gregory Wrightstone
The Heartland Institute
Gov. Tom Wolf (D-PA) released the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Climate Action Plan, announcing the Keystone State  would join the U.S. Climate Alliance.

Imposing Tariffs Does Not Cause Prosperity
Jeffrey Tucker
The prospect that the President of the United States president would conclude that tariffs cause growth has always been the downside of seeing good economic numbers.

The Weird Reality of Climate Policy
Alan Carlin
The Heartland Institute
Climate policies vary greatly by country. From China to the European Union, all nations are heading towards more free-market, pro-energy policies despite previous support for climate alarmism.

Rand Shows There’s More to Life Than Money
Art Carden
To claim that Ayn Rand cared about money and said that people should only care about money is to show that you either haven’t read her books, or at least haven’t understood them.

Illinois Local Governments Face Pension Crisis
Ashley Herzog
Budget & Tax News
Paying for pensions and other retiree benefits for former government employees could leave many Illinois municipalities without the ability to provide basic services.