Heartland Weekly: Embracing Trump is Key to Victory

Published November 19, 2018

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The United States Needs A Fiscal Stress Test
Justin Haskins and Charlie Katebi
Real Clear Health
While Democrats work to dramatically grow the size of government, the Trump administration is putting into place numerous health insurance reforms that could soon save families hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.

Embracing Trump is Key to Victory
Tim Huelskamp
Daily Caller
If the 2018 election is evidence of anything, it is that Republicans who shy away from Trump and take a moderate appeal lose their races. If they wish to win 2020, everyone must get on board the Trump train.

Stop Subsidizing Chinese Mail
Edward Hudgins
American Spectator
The e-commerce revolution that is transforming America is being undercut by antiquated regulations by the Universal Postal Union, which forces the U.S. Postal Service to subsidize packages from Chinese merchants mailed to the U.S

Booker T. Washington’s Message of Liberty
Host: Lennie Jarratt
Guest: Ron Court
Ron Court, founder of the Booker T. Washington Society, celebrates the great man’s life, his pursuit of liberty, and the legacy he left behind.

Win for Climate Sanity in the Midterms
Hosts: H. Sterling Burnett and Jim Lakely
Climate sanity prevailed over dogmatic climate alarmism in the 2018 midterm elections as key ballot measures failed in numerous states.

How the Midterms Changed Health Care
Hosts: Jim Lakely and Sarah Lee
The Health Care News managing editor talks about what she sees coming after the Democrats won back the House of Representatives.

Pelosi: Bad for Democrats, America
Justin Haskins
Post Bulletin
Nancy Pelosi has been dreaming of returning to her role as Speaker of the House for more than seven years. Democrats, and Americans overall, better hope she loses this vote to a challenger.

Sears: Tragedy or Progress?
Chris Talgo
Investor’s Business Daily
After years of plummeting revenue and hundreds of store closures, Sears filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month. Once a pioneering force in retail, Sears has not turned a profit in seven years.

UK’s Tale of Socialized Medicine
Sarah Lee and Charlie Katebi
American Thinker
Great Britain’s National Health Service is intending to mandate group primary care visits, which could include as many as 15 patients meeting with one general practitioner at a time.

Tenure Does More Harm Than Good
Chris Talgo
Palm Beach Post
Over the past century, tenure for teachers has transformed into a protectionist racket that does more harm than good by guaranteeing job safety for underperformers.

Socialists Won’t Rest on Health Care
Justin Haskins
The 2018 midterms could someday be remembered as the beginning of the Democratic Party’s turn toward socialism and their full embrace of creating a single-payer health care system.

The Science-Based Community and E-Cigarettes
Jeff Stier
Freedom Pub
Sound science isn’t an obstacle for those hell-bent on removing e-cigarettes from the market. Consider the latest creepy video from a group known as “The Truth.”