Heartland Weekly: Facebook Bans Heartland Video on Socialism

Published April 22, 2019

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Republicans’ GND-Lite Is Political Suicide
James Taylor
Epoch Times

The Green New Deal hands Republicans a powerful, unexpected political gift. Leave it to weak-minded Republicans like Rep. Matt Gaetz to screw it up.

Facebook Bans Heartland Video on Socialism
Justin Haskins
Fox News
The Heartland Institute launched an important effort to combat the rise of socialism in America. Facebook has decided to put a stop to our efforts, but we’re fighting back.

And the Award for Media Hackery Goes to …
Jim Lakely
Freedom Pub
The Weather Channel put out a hit piece on the Climate Change Awards featured at many of Heartland’s climate conferences – yet another example of hack journalism.

Anthony Watts on Joining Heartland
Host: Jim Lakely
Guest: Anthony Watts
Anthony Watts, publisher of the most-read climate website in the world, joins the podcast for the first time as a Senior Fellow for Environment and Climate at The Heartland Institute.

The 20th Anniversary of Columbine
Host: Lennie Jarratt
Guest: Darrell Scott
Darrell Scott, father of Rachel Joy Scott, who was the first student killed at Columbine High School, discusses the tragedy on April 20, 1999 and efforts to improve school safety.

Economic Freedom Around the World
Host: Joe Barnett
Guest: Bob Lawson
A liberty-loving business school professor from SMU joins the podcast to discuss his annual report on Economic Freedom of the World and his forthcoming book, Socialism Sucks.

Venezuela Should Teach This Generation
Jeffrey Tucker
You are sick so you go to the hospital. There is no medicine. Diagnostic machines don’t work because the power is out. Incredibly, this is Venezuela today.

Who Profits From Drug Price Decreases?
Matthew Stryker
Fox News
Perhaps spurred by the Trump administration, some drug manufacturers have begun lowering prices and providing greater access to life-saving treatments.

Sidelined Because She Rejects Green Agendas?
Paul Driessen
The Heartland Institute
Fish & Wildlife Service director nominee Aurelia Skipwith joins hundreds of others in confirmation limbo due to radical environmentalist rejection.

The Socialist Fantasy is a Nightmare
John Stossel
Stopping Socialism
Venezuela is a disaster of a country. Yet 20 years ago, it was the wealthiest country in Latin America. It still has the world’s biggest oil reserves. But then Venezuela went socialist.

Free Market Liberalism Needs to Spread
Richard Ebeling

Free Market Liberalism has done more to eradicate poverty than any scheme cooked up by government bureaucrats. This is the time to hammer that message home.

The Very Rich Are Different From You and Me
Charles Battig
American Thinker
Angelo Codevilla’s book The Ruling Class provides a considered insight into the heavy hand of money and claimed superior wisdom of those running our political system.