Heartland Weekly: Fossil Fuel Benefits Outweigh Costs

Published June 25, 2018

Pope’s Crusade Against Fossil Fuels
H. Sterling Burnett
American Thinker
The Pope has learned little since his 2015 papal encyclical calling on the world to fight climate change by limiting the use of modern technologies and fossil fuels.

Fossil Fuel Benefits Outweigh Costs
Joseph Bast and Peter Ferrara
Wall Street Journal
Fossil fuels have produced huge benefits for mankind, many of which continue today. But advocates of alternative energy sources ignore them all.

Paul Leads Way on Health Care Reform
Justin Haskins
Washington Examiner
Thanks to the efforts of the Trump administration and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), millions of people will soon have access to more affordable health insurance.

Putting an End to ‘Secret Science
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: David Wojick
Wojick explains the flawed methodology utilized by the Obama-era EPA, which produced scientific studies that formed the basis of public policy.

Telemedicine in Rural America
Host: Sarah Lee
Guest: Dr. Adam Powell
Dr. Adam Powell describes his telemedicine expertise, and how some states are looking to expand this field to deliver health care to the countryside..

In the Tank: Episode #145
Host: Donny Kendal
Guests: Jim Lakely and Justin Haskins
Donny, Jim, and Justin discuss corruption at the FBI, Domino’s filling potholes, and a proposal to break California into three states.

Paris Poseurs Miss Emission Targets
H. Sterling Burnett
The Paris Climate Accord was meant to reduce emissions around the world, but most signatories failed to hit their targets.

The Rise of Ed-Tech and School Choice
Robert Holland
American Spectator
As educational technology becomes a pervasive force in U.S. education, does it make you smile or make you want to scream?

Heartland Experts Weigh in on Wayfair
The United States Supreme Court this week overruled long-standing precedent and opened up the Internet to massive increases in sales taxes.

Seattle Bails on ‘Homeless Tax’
Chris Talgo and Emma Kaden
Daily Caller
The Seattle City Council has reversed course on its so-called “homeless tax” after experiencing extreme backlash from citizens and businesses.

AGs Urge Dismissal of Climate Suit
H. Sterling Burnett
Environment & Climate News
Republican attorneys general from 15 states asked federal judge William Alsup to dismiss a climate liability lawsuit against five oil companies.

Missed Heartland’s Freedom Picnic?
Nancy Thorner
Freedom Pub
Read this recap of Heartland’s fantastic Third Annual Picnic for Freedom on June 2 featuring former Congressman Joe Walsh.