Heartland Weekly: Green Energy Guts More Oil Market

Published November 18, 2019

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AOC’s ‘Just Society’ a Socialism Sham
Chris Talgo
Stopping Socialism
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, no stranger to socialist rhetoric, recently released her plan to create “A Just Society” – a plan to make all Americans equally miserable.

Green Energy Guts More Oil Market
Peter Ferrara
Detroit News
Oil workers are not the only ones who will lose their jobs if we try to replace fossil fuels with so-called unreliable “green energy.” Other blue-collar jobs would go away, too.

Fixing the Debt: A Reality Check
John Merrifield and Barry Poulson
American Thinker
Keynesian economists seem to have convinced politicians and citizens to stop worrying and learn to love the 23 trillion national debt. It’s long since time for a reality check.

The Dangers of Medicaid Expansion
Host: Sarah Lee
Guest: Naomi Lopez-Bauman
A health care policy scholar with the Goldwater Institute and the Beacon Center discusses the battle over Medicaid expansion in Tennessee.

Social Entrepreneurs Can Revolutionizing Education
Host: Edward Hudgins
Guest: Michael Strong
Technology is moving quickly, but the world’s social systems – governance, law, community, education and culture – are not keeping pace.

Vapers Exercising Political Muscle in MS
Host: Lindsey Stroud
Guest: Bill Wikstrom
The president of the Mississippi Vaping Advocacy Association discusses the 2019 Mississippi gubernatorial election and the growing influence of vapers.

52 Trillion Reasons to Oppose Warren’s M4A
Chris Talgo
Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s $52 trillion Medicare for All plan, including her absurd assertion it will be “paid” for, is patently ridiculous on its face.

California’s Green Dream Will End Badly
Ronald Stein
The Heartland Institute
California is about to take one giant step toward following Germany’s failed climate goals which should be a wake-up all for governments everywhere.

Economics Is the Great Reality Check
Jeffrey Tucker
Last week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign for the Democratic nomination for president hit a brick wall. That wall had the word “economics” on it.

Watts on Withdrawing from Paris
Cynthia Cai
Epoch Times
Heartland Senior Fellow Anthony Watts was interviewed by The Epoch Times about his take on why withdrawing from the Paris Accord was the right decision.

Carrying Firearms for the Kids
Larry Sand
California Policy Center
A report released last week by the U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center on “targeted school violence” doesn’t add much to what we already knew.

Heartland Reacts to Trump Vape Meeting
Lindsey Stroud & Jeff Stier
Heartland Institute Press Release
“While e-cigarettes remain a top story that the media uses to create and spread misinformation … the president is truly seeing the industry as what it is.”

Internet Sales Taxes Harm E-Commerce
Matthew Glans
Heartland Research & Commentary
For years, states shied away from implementing internet sales taxes on persons or businesses without a physical presence in the state, but this changed in 2018.

Care is Less Expensive When Paid Directly
Jane Orient
Health Care News
Association of American Physicians executive director Jane Orient and the Health Care News team dives into how to make care more affordable without the government.

Despite Many Donors, Kidney Patients Dying
Ashley Hurzog

Health Care News
About 10,000 patients with kidney disease die from renal failure each year in the United States, and a new study shows it’s not for lack of organ donors.