Heartland Weekly: Heartland Challenges AEI on Climate

Published September 10, 2018

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Steyer’s Renewable Power Mandate Costs Arizonians
James Taylor
Environment & Climate News
The average Arizona household will likely pay over $1,000 per year in additional costs if voters approve a renewable power ballot initiative this November.

Heartland Challenges AEI on Climate
The Heartland Institute
Watch Heartland’s James Taylor ask the American Enterprise Institute why it is supporting the dead Paris Climate Agreement and pushing for carbon taxes.

Harvard Case Could End Affirmative Discrimination
Robert Holland
American Spectator
Students for Fair Admission v. Harvard could expose how affirmative action has morphed into a preferential scheme that sets one minority group against others.

Google’s Anti-Conservative Bias
Host: Jesse Hathaway
Guest: Julian Sanchez
Cato Institute Senior Fellow Julian Sanchez says there are many issues wrapped up in the general discussion about Google and Big Tech, including antitrust, privacy and free-speech concerns.

Species Rules Harm Everything
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: Judy Boyle
Protections enacted for grizzly bears are destroying people’s lives. Further, these protections damage local habitats, pollute the air and streams, and unconstitutionally ignore property rights.

Educating Congress on Vaping Products
Host: Lindsey Stroud
Guest: Stefan Didak
Stefan Didak joins the show to discuss vaping products and his advocacy. He is frequently seen testifying in front of state and local legislators and policy makers.

Alarmists Get Two Strikes In Court
Richard Ebeling
Benjamin Constant’s warning against democratic collectivism and defense of individual liberty and competitive market pluralism still holds after 200 years.

Hiding Behind The Animals
Paul Driessen
Ample evidence suggests that the Obama EPA’s endangerment finding was devised in violation of basic scientific and transparency principles and thus must be ended.

Taxpayers Forced to Pay for Stadiums
Chris Talgo and Emma Kaden
American Spectator
Billionaire sports team owners are increasingly strong-arming local, city, and state governments into financing extravagant (and exorbitant) new stadiums.

Labor Education Revolution
Edward Hudgins
Many Americans are worried that automation will soon monopolize the job market, especially with headlines about human workers becoming obsolete.

Twelve AGs Sue to Block Health Choice
Sarah Lee
Health Care News
Attorneys generals filed a lawsuit in the DC for the District of Columbia challenging the Trump administration’s June 20 rule expanding access to association health plans.

Democrats’ Agenda Of Impeachment
Peter Ferrara
Investor’s Business Daily
Welcome to the swamp of Pelosi/Schumer who persist in wanting to impeach President Trump if they win in November.