Heartland Weekly: Heartland in Poland at COP24 This Week!

Published December 3, 2018

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Socialist Policies Bring Destruction
H. Sterling Burnett
Western Journal
Many Democrats are becoming more open about their socialist inclinations, although they still lie about socialism’s ability to make the world a better place.

Deep State Issues Fake Climate Report
James Taylor
Daily Caller
Obama-era deep-state bureaucrats have issued a dubious climate report that warns of imminent devastation from global warming.

On World AIDS Day, Reform the FDA 
Edward Hudgins
The Hill
Today marks the 30th World AIDS Day. It is a time to support those suffering from this ailment, and to reform our drug-approval process to bring better treatment of other ailments.

Trump Embraces Latest ‘Rad’ Science
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: Jay Lehr
The Trump administration is changing the way it regulates radiation exposure and upgrades to industrial facilities in recognition of a new scientific finding.

Tricking Consumers into Increased Costs
Host: Sarah Lee
Guest: Stacey Worthy
Stacey Worthy of Aimed Alliance talks about co-pay accumulators that are sold as a way to control expenses but lead to increased costs and liabilities.

In The Tank – Ep. 167
Hosts: Donny Kendal and John Nothdurft
Guest: Isaac Orr
Today’s episode features work from The Tax Foundation, The Heritage Foundation, and the Commonwealth Foundation.

Increase Students’ Ability to Think
Robert Holland
A spark of inspiration for helping children can emanate from an individual who has no institutional axe to grind and is willing to sacrifice for the cause.

Voters Rejected Alarmist Policies
Peter Ferrara
Daily Caller
The Left knows it can’t convince a free people to give up their freedom and prosperity for the failed doctrines of socialism. That’s why they try to prevent conservatives from speaking

Soros’ Fake News Smokescreen
Sarah Lee and Charlie Katebi
American Thinker
Great Britain’s National Health Service is intending to mandate group primary care visits, which could include as many as 15 patients meeting with one general practitioner at a time.

Poor Policies Driving Severe Wildfires
H. Sterling Burnett
The wildfires that devastated California were terrible, but they were not a new phenomenon. Indeed, wildfires in California and throughout the Western United States have been common.

Blocking Keystone XL Was a ‘Disgrace’
Jay Lehr and Tom Harris
Washington Times
President Trump was right to call a federal judge’s Nov. 8 ruling that blocked the Keystone XL oil pipeline “a disgrace,” as Judge Brian M. Morris has no understanding of climate science.m.

An Opportunity to Improve Health Care
Chris Talgo
CNS News
In the first midterm election in the Trump era, voters sent a decidedly mixed message on health care. Some states wanted ‘Medicare for All’, some wanted to expand work requirements.