Heartland Weekly: Heartland on NewsmaxTV

Published August 27, 2018

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Democrats Embrace Obsolete Socialism
Chris Talgo
Karl Marx’s brand of socialism, an unequivocal disaster that has produced poverty, tyranny, and mass deaths, is mounting a comeback among so-called “progressives.”

Heartland Institute on NewsmaxTV
Watch Heartland Senior Fellow James Taylor’s appearance Thursday on NewsmaxTV’s “America Talks Live.” Taylor applauds Trump for replacing Obama’s ideological Clean Power Plan with something much more sensible and science-based.

Trump Saving U.S. from Obamacare
Justin Haskins
The Hill
When President Donald Trump entered the White House, he inherited the health care chaos the Obama administration left behind. Now he’s working to fix it.

Reject ‘Soak the Rich’ Schemes
Host: Jesse Hathaway
Guest: Penn Pfiffner
Penn Pfiffner, chairman of the TABOR Foundation, talks about why soaking the rich to fill government coffers isn’t right for Colorado.

Battling Obamacare in Court
Host: Sarah Lee
Guest: Robert Henneke
Lee and Henneke talk about a lawsuit by the Texas Attorney General alleging Obamacare is no longer constitutional since a key provision of the legislation was dead.

Understanding the Third Amendment
Host: Chris Talgo and Lindsey Stroud
Guest: David Shestokas
On this episode of Constitutional Soundbites, the hosts discuss the Third Amendment, which protects American citizens from being forced to quarter soldiers.

Give MSM the Silent Treatment
Chris Talgo
American Spectator
Once upon a time, the American people trusted the mainstream media, and vice-versa. These days, no one trusts the news anymore. This has given life to a bevy of alternative sources.

Don’t Call Healthcare a Right
Sarah Lee
Republicans have reframed the national discussion by emphasizing more choice and competition and less government involvement. Health care is an individual choice, not a right.

Cutting Through FDA Red Tape
Jeff Stier
Daily Caller
The Food and Drug Administration is one of the worst offenders of over-regulation. President Trump has promised to remove all this red tape and so far he’s done a good job.

Can EVs Ever Be Profitable?
Steve Goreham
Washington Times
Despite losing $718 million during the quarter, Tesla shares rose 16 percent on renewed promises of profitability. Will any electric vehicle ever make money?

UVA Distorts Study To Slam Vouchers
Robert Holland
The University of Virginia recently altered its own study in an attempt to discredit the growing demand for more educational choice and how effective it is compared to public schooling.

Making Skilled Labor Great Again 
Liam Sigler
Freedom Pub
For decades, vocational training has been waning. Fortunately, the Trump administration is dedicated to reversing this troubling trend.