Heartland Weekly – Heartland Reacts to the Midterm Elections

Published November 12, 2018

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Chuck Lang, R.I.P.

With great sadness we report to you the sudden and unexpected passing of Heartland Institute Board Chairman Chuck Lang. He was a font of joy for his family, a source of great advice and encouragement to his friends, and a principled champion of liberty. Please keep his family in your prayers. In lieu of flowers, his family asks that gifts in his memory be made to The Heartland Institute.

The United States Needs A Fiscal Stress Test
Barry Poulson and John Merrifield
San Antonio Express-News
Ever since the financial crisis, elected officials have debated the efficacy of financial market stress tests. Consequently, Dodd-Frank is more controversial than ever.

Heartland Reacts to the Midterm Elections
Heartland Institute fellows and policy advisors weigh in on what the midterm elections mean for education policy, health care, energy, climate policy, and more

Climate Solutions Caucus Now Much Smaller
Tim Huelskamp
Heartland Press Release
Of the 45 Republican members of the Climate Solutions Caucus, 11 members lost their seats, five retiring GOP members saw their seats filled by Democrats, and seven eked out re-election in races many would have won more easily.

Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans
Host: Jim Lakely
Guest: Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade
Brian Kilmeade, co-host of Fox & Friends on the Fox News Channel and nationally syndicated host of “The Brian Kilmeade Show,” talks about his new book Andrew Jackson and The Miracle of New Orleans.

In the Tank – Ep. 165
Hosts Donny Kendal and John Nothdurft discuss the results of the midterm elections, including the results of various ballot measures in which the left lost on energy and taxes, but won on health care topics.

High Cost of Renewable Subsidies
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: Angela Erickson
Angela Erickson exposes the fact wind energy companies have received more than $19 billion in subsidies through the single program of the Production Tax Credit over the past decade.

The Role Harassment Plays in Climate Alarmism
James Taylor
Freedom Pub
A laughably inaccurate and poorly sourced Mother Jones piece about supposed harassment of alarmist climate scientists has the story exactly backwards

The Story of Fracking
Rich Trzupek
Epoch Times
Open-minded people, a breed that seems in danger of going extinct, sometimes ask about oil and gas production utilizing hydro-fracturing techniques, commonly referred to as “fracking.”

The ACA and Pre-Existing Conditions
Charlie Katebi
The Hill
Democrats have vowed to defend Obamacare regulations on pre-existing conditions. However, Obamacare caused far more problems than it solved for many vulnerable people.

The Inevitability of E-Cigarette Regulation
Thomas Hemphill
The ongoing controversy over e-cigarettes and youth smoking has hit a proverbial regulatory wall. The FDA is taking the use of e-cigarettes by teens seriously.

U.S. World’s Largest Oil Producer
Tim Benson
Environment & Climate News
The United States has “likely” become the largest crude oil producer in the world, surpassing Russia and Saudi Arabia according to a new government report.

Fraudulent Science Behind Radiation Regulations
Jay Lehr and Paul Driessen
Canada Free Press
The 2018 elections underscore the need for bipartisan efforts to address scientific frauds that promote and justify ever more stringent regulations – often to great detriment.