Heartland Weekly: Heartland Takes on UN in Salt Lake City on Monday

Published September 3, 2019

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Rebuttal to UN Sustainability Conference
James Taylor, et. al.
The Heartland Institute
On Monday, Heartland was in Salt Lake City, Utah to combat the United Nations Civil Society Conference’s climate collectivist agenda. Watch all the presentations!

AOC Bad Idea: Abolishing the Electoral College
Justin Haskins
Fox News
You can always count on AOC to say things that don’t make any sense. Last week the radical democratic socialist proposed abolishing the Electoral College.

For Bernie, Climate a Ruse for Big Government
Chris Talgo
American Thinker
Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders released his own Green New Deal. Spoiler: It’s chock full of programs meant to expand the government’s power over individuals.

On Epi-pens,  Genetic Tests, and Insurance
Host: AnneMarie Schieber
Guest: Roger Klein, M.D.
Dr. Klein discuss two issues involving attempts to mandate insurance coverage for Epi-pens and free genetic testing in exchange for giving data to drug companies.

A Labor Day Interview with U.S. Labor Secretary
Host: Edward Hudgins
Guest: Pat Pizzella
The acting U.S. Secretary of Labor talks about the reasons we are enjoying the lowest unemployment rate in decades, and why not to worry about robots taking our jobs.

Red Flag Laws: Good Idea, or Trojan Horse?
Hosts: Donald Kendal, Jim Lakely, and Justin Haskins
In light of recent mass shootings, so-called “red flag laws” are gaining traction. This excerpt from a recent In the Tank podcast explains how they are not the answer.

NC Paves the Way for Patient Freedom
Christina Herrin
As the North Carolina Legislature concluded its 2019 legislative session, Republicans and Democrats came together in support of patient freedom.

Climate Change Propaganda Tsunami
Tom Harris and Jay Lehr
PJ Media
Batten down the hatches! Yet another tsunami of global warming and “clean energy” propaganda spewed from the United States is fast approaching!

The Amazon Rainforest Wildfire Hoax
Gregory Wrightstone
The Joe Pags Show
Policy Advisor Gregory Wrightstone was on Newsmax TV to discuss the hysterical claims over the fires in the Amazon and why there is no reason to fear.

Applaud Trump’s Magnificent Performance at G7
Clifford Thies
The Heartland Institute
Judging from the apoplectic reaction of the American media, U.S. President Donald Trump was spectacular at the just-concluded G7 economic conference in France.

More Force Won’t Fix the American Diet
Jeffrey Tucker
Two nutritionists, Dariush Mozaffarian and Dan Glickman, have sounded the alarm about the American diet, stating what most of us know intuitively to be true.

Fixes for Surprise Billing Could Make Problem Worse
Bonner Cohen
Health Care News
Legislative efforts to address surprise billing can put patients into an even deeper hole financially while limiting their choices of treatment providers.

Chicago’s Gun Offender Website is Problematic
Glenn Minnis
Chicago City Wire
Heartland State Government Relations Manager Lennie Jarratt gives his counter-opinion on the Chicago Police Department’s Gun Offender Dashboard website.

What’s the Purpose of a Corporation
David D’Amato
The Hill
The modern corporation, as we know it today, was born of state power. It was chartered specifically as a vessel for a variety of anti-competitive privileges.

More Fake Five-Alarm Crises From the IPCC
Paul Driessen
“Mainstream” news outlets dutifully feature climate cataclysm claims that have no basis in reality, stampeding the US into forsaking fossil fuels and modern farming.