Heartland Weekly: Heartland Takes on UN in Salt Lake City on Monday

Published August 26, 2019

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Fact: No Warming in the United States Since 2005
James Taylor
Updated data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has shown that for the past 14 years there has been no warming in the United States.

Heartland Takes on UN in Salt Lake City on Monday
Jim Lakely
The Heartland Institute Heartland will be in Salt Lake City on Monday to rebut the U.N. ‘sustainability’ conference. Their ‘solutions’ will do great harm to the world’s poorest. Watch live at 11 a.m. ET on Monday!

Socialist Policies Hurting Dem 2020 Chances?
Justin Haskins
Fox Business Network
Executive editor Justin Haskins joins Varney & Co. on the Fox Business Network to discuss how radical Democrats are going so far left that moderates are seeing no choice but to abandon them.

American Energy Poverty is Unnecessary
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: Derrick Hollie
Energy poverty is destroying the lives of many lower income families in America. Will radical environmentalists ever care about the pain it causes those people?

A Debate: For and Against Medicare For All
Host: Andy Singer
Guests: Chris Talgo and Pamella Gronemeyer, Ph.D.
Heartland hosts a podcast debate on Medicare for All between Heartland’s Chris Talgo and the Single Payer Coalition of Illinois’ Pamella Gronemeyer.

Using Free Market to Create More Health Choices
Host: Sarah Lee
Guest: Tamara Drangstveit
The CEO of Peak Health Alliance in Colorado discusses how they are using the power of the free market to reduce health care costs in their community.

Heartland Condemns FB Censorship
Craig Bannister
CNS News
The Heartland Institute joined more than 20 other nonprofit groups condemning Facebook’s inability to properly address its censorship of conservatives.

Choice Entails More Than ‘Mental Health Days’
Robert Holland
American Spectator
Several Oregon high school students reaped media adulation this summer by successfully arguing for five “mental health days” off from school every three months.

Is a Renewable Electric Grid a Mirage?
Daniel Sutter
The Heartland Institute
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions to curb climate change will require enormous sacrifice, which suggests that we should have consensus on the goal before acting.

EPA Touts Environmental Progress
Bonner Cohen
Environment & Climate
America’s air quality has become the envy of the world, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states in its annual report on air quality.

Oklahoma Pays to Educate ‘Ghost Students’
Ray Carter
School Reform News
Many government schools across Oklahoma are receiving funding to educate “ghost students” who no longer attend them.

Real News About CO2: There is No Threat
Alan Carlin
Carlin Economics & Science
Climate alarmism does not exemplify the honest pursuit of science. The surest way to understand climate alarmism is as self-interested politics.

RESULT Act Could Clear Way for Alzheimer’s Help
AnneMarie Schieber
Health Care News
David Brodsky says saddened and frustrated by the loss of his 81-year-old wife Caroline to Alzheimer’s when he had shown improvement that had been stonewalled by the FDA.

E-Cigarettes Could Save Medicaid Billions
Lindsey Stroud
Policy Tip Sheet
State Government Relations Manager Lindsey Stroud examines how electronic cigarettes and vaping devices can reduce state Medicaid costs.

Shutting SNAP Loopholes Protects Aid
Matthew Glans
Research & Commentary
A proposed USDA rule would close the categorical eligibility loophole that allows states to make applicants in certain programs automatically eligible to participate in SNAP.