Heartland Weekly: Leadership Changes at The Heartland Institute

Published June 10, 2019

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Bernie Sanders’ Latest Socialist Pipe Dream
Justin Haskins
Fox News
Presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is once again proving that it’s easy to be a democratic socialist. All you have to do is make wildly unrealistic promises and blame rich people for the world’s problems.

Changes in Leadership This Week at Heartland
Joseph Bast
The Heartland Institute
Earlier this week, Tim Huelskamp resigned as president of The Heartland Institute and the Board elected Director of Communications Jim Lakely as Interim President and made other changes at Heartland.

Global Sea-Level Rise: A Look at the Data
Idso, Legates, and Singer
Heartland Policy Brief
The time has come for parents to strike back at self-serving teachers unions. Supporting strike vouchers would be a great start.

Talking About No Safe Spaces’
Host: Jim Lakely
Guest: Mark Joseph
The producer of the upcoming documdrama film “No Safe Spaces,” a look at modern oppression of our free speech rights in America, discusses his career and his latest project.

El Nino and 21st Century Warming
Host: Anthony Watts
Guest: Roy Spencer, Ph.D.
The Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, joins Anthony Watts to discuss why radical change such as the Green New Deal is unwarranted.

Forces Against CON Repeal
Host: AnneMarie Schieber
Guests: Reps. Jason Chipman, Daniel Martin, and Cameron Sexton
State representatives from the great states of Missouri and Tennessee talk about what happened with the bills they introduced this year dealing with Certificate of Need (CON) laws. Expanding HSAs Can Fix Broken Health Insurance AnneMarie Schieber Townhall A recent survey revealed only one in five people currently enrolled in an employer-sponsored health plan have a health savings account (HSA). More unsettling, few use them to save money for future health expenses.

Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Jump the Shark
Chris Talgo
Stopping Socialism
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) recently introduced the Loan Shark Prevention Act, which they claim will end the plague of unfettered, unscrupulous usury in the United States.

Republicans Must Lead on Climate Change?
Tom Harris and Jay Lehr
Citizens Journal
There have always been prominent Republicans prepared to support the climate scare. It is a huge problem for President Trump who understands, correctly, that the concerns are not based on solid science.

Teacher Incompetence or Lack of Training?
Sandra Stotsky
The Heartland Institute
When a large group of kids in a state have not learned beginning reading skills by the end of grade 3, it is fair to ask if the problem may lie with their teachers’ training programs, not their teachers.

Can Cleaning the Ocean Be Marketed?
Daniel Sutter
The Heartland Institute
Trillions of pieces of plastic are creating huge garbage patches in the world’s oceans. One company’s efforts to do something about this problem can lead us to rethink some perceived economic wisdom.

Why Neo-liberalism is Really Neo-socialism
Richard Ebeling
The world we live in reflects the ideas and policies of neo-liberalism, but it is not the free- market liberalism that the new, more radical “progressives” and democratic socialists portray it to be.