Heartland Weekly: Real Experts on Climate Change Advise Trump

Published October 28, 2019

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Warren is Pretending to be Something She’s Not
Justin Haskins
Fox News
Though Bernie Sanders calls himself a democratic socialist, fellow presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren claims she’s really a capitalist.

Real Experts on Climate Change Advise Trump
Peter Ferrara
Washington Times
President Trump has an incredible team of climate experts advising him, compared to the climate alarmists who are advising members of Congress.

Heartland Releasing ‘Climate Scare’ Halloween Videos
The Heartland Institute
Press Release
The Heartland Institute will release one video a day debunking some of the most popular climate scares pushed by radical environmentalists over the decades.

Explaining Climate Change Litigation
Host: Anthony Watts
Guest: Christopher Horner
Climate Litigation Watch founder Christopher Horner joins the podcast to discuss the Exxon litigation by Bill McKibben and several state attorneys general.

Protecting Medicare from “Medicare for All”
Host: Sarah Lee
Guest: Elaine Parker
Elaine Parker, President the Job Creators Network Foundation, discusses the Trump Administration’s executive order protecting traditional Medicare.

Chicago Teacher Strike: Rewarding Failure
Host: Lennie Jarratt
Guests: Tim Benson and Chris Talgo
Heartland Institute Policy Analyst Tim Benson and Editor Chris Talgo join the podcast to discuss the contentious Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) strike.

Politicians Are Lying to You About Vaping
Chris Talgo
Inside Sources
Over the last few weeks, the political class has peddled a flat-out, reprehensible lie about the recent wave of hospitalizations supposedly due to vaping.

Humanity is Saving Life on Earth, Not Destroying It
Jay Lehr and Tom Harris
America Out Loud
October 2019 was yet another month in which the climate change debate was not merely expensive and misguided, but completely ridiculous.

Higher Pay, Shorter Tenure
Jane Shaw
School Reform News
Higher education leadership is seeing both an increase in salary and a decrease in their guaranteed employment, both a blessing and a curse.

Private Sector Rushes to Stop Government
Seton Motley
The answer to everything even remotely policy-related is less government. The original sin of everything even remotely policy-related is too much government.

Accidental Brilliance in Silly Putty
Jeffrey Tucker
A closer look reveals that you can learn so much about the way the world works just by looking at the history of this pliable plaything.

Happy 25th Birthday To The Contract With America!
Chris Talgo
This autumn marks the 25th anniversary of Newt Gringrich’s “Contract With America,” the promise to the American public that won back the House for Republicans.

CDC Reports THC Cause Most Vaping Illnesses
Research & Commentary
Lindsey Stroud
CDC finds 78 percent of patients with vaping-related lung illnesses reported using devices containing THC.

Dental Therapy is an Answer to Health Shortage
Policy Tip Sheet
Matthew Glans
By creating a new license for mid-level dental therapists, states could fine a solution to expand the availability of dental care.

Collectivist’s New Attack on Liberty
Richard Ebeling
Freedom Pub
America and some other parts of the world are facing a “revivalist” movement turning away from liberty and towards socialism.