Heartland Weekly: Solidarity, Heartland Partner Together at COP24

Published December 11, 2018

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Breitbart Covers Heartland at COP24
Billy Aouste
Heartland’s James Taylor said it was important to be in Poland to push back on a “gathering of the world’s global collectivists, the climate totalitarians, the global ruling class elites.”

Solidarity, Heartland Partner at COP24
Heartland and representatives of Solidarity signed a joint statement at COP24 calling on the United Nations to ensure the “restoration of the Scientific Method and the dismissal of ideological dogma.”

Heartland Brings Truth to COP24
James Taylor
Western Journal
While the global bureaucratic elite enjoy a nice vacation under the guise of playing Chicken Little for a fictitious impending climate catastrophe, The Heartland Institute is injecting a fresh ray of truth at COP24.

Big Mistakes, Weak Models
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest:David Legates
Two recent studies made claims of climate disaster so far outside of the mainstream that they should have raised red flags within the scientific community and press.

Can We Save GA’s Health Care System
Host: Sarah Lee
Guest:Kyle Winfield
Wingfield talks about why his organization, the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, is breaking new ground in health care with Medicaid expansion in the state off the table.

Fight for Vaping in the Empire State
Host: Lindsey Stroud
Guest:Andrew Osborne
The state of New York is looking to ban certain vaping flavors. Andrew Osborn discusses his efforts to oppose this legislation and other wrong-headed anti-vaping measures.

AOC Dead Wrong on Single Payer
Justin Haskins
Western Journal
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,who will take office in Congress come January, again shows herself impervious to facts when it comes to single-payer health care.

Climate Consensus is Crumbling
Steve Goreham
Western Journal
As delegates arrive at Katowice, Poland for COP24, the United Nations’ annual climate conference, the global climate consensus is crumbling around them.

Modeling Not Based on Reality
Jay Lehr
American Thinker
The problem real scientists who study climate — not those paid for bias — face, is that the public has no clue what a mathematical model actually is, how it works, and what they can and cannot do.

UN Summit Reveals Hidden Agenda
David Wojick
Freedom Pub
People complain about UN jargon, but the technical language of the Katowice climate summit is very revealing. It is all about changing the world order.

Preserve Primitivism at Cost of Freedom?
Richard Ebeling
Freedom Pub
Before falling into nostalgia for an unrecoverable human past that seems so blissful and beautiful, let us remember some of the things that primitive life does not have.

Patients Lose When States Limit Choice
Charlie Katebi
The Hill
A new report reveals that state government policies are responsible for much of our out-of-control health care costs under the broken Affordable Care Act.