Heartland Weekly: Streamline FDA Process to Cure Cancer

Published October 15, 2018

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Trump Doesn’t Predict 7 Degree Warming
James Taylor
Washington Examiner
Last Friday, the Washington Post printed a news whopper: “Trump administration sees a 7-degree rise in global temperatures by 2100.” One problem: It isn’t true.

Streamline FDA Process to Cure Cancer
Ed Hudgins
The Hill
To win the fight against cancer we need to focus not only on innovative research but also on the institutional problems of the Food and Drug Administration.

What Sort of Energy Do You Want For Your Future?
H. Sterling Burnett
Should governments dramatically raise the price of fossil fuels to fight purported human-caused climate change? Or continue to use cheap and abundant energy?

John Doe Raids, Five Years Later
Host: Jesse Hathaway
Guest: Matt Kittle
Five years ago, Wisconsin law enforcement officers conducted predawn, armed raids on the homes of everyday citizens seeking evidence of campaign finance violations.

Judging Teachers with Merit Pay
Host: Lennie Jarratt
Guest: Will Flanders
Flanders, research director at Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) discusses WILL’s latest study on how ACT 10 increased student test scores across the state of Illinois.

In the Tank – Ep. 161
Host: Jim Lakely
Guests: John Nothdurft and Andy Singer
Lakely fills in to leads a discussion about new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the rise of leftist mobs, the media flip-out over Kanye West’s meeting with President Trump, and more.

Book Review: Socialism Is Evil
Jay Lehr
American Thinker
In Socialism Is Evil: The Moral Case Against Marx’s Radical Dream (available for free by clicking here), author and Heartlander Justin Haskins tackles an imminent threat to America.

CA Won’t Allow Health Insurance Choices
Sarah Lee
Orange County Register
California Democrats would prefer residents go bankrupt paying for expensive Obamacare health insurance instead of allowing them to purchase more affordable, short-term plans.

Trump Making America Great
Chris Talgo
The U.S. economy is flourishing, and more Americans are thriving than at any time in modern U.S. history because of Trump-onomics.

Fracking is Still Misunderstood
Jay Lehr and Tom Harris
Albuquerque Journal
Just over a decade ago, America’s energy outlook was revolutionized by technological advances in hydraulic fracturing, commonly called ‘fracking.’

More Misplaced Green Outrage
Richard Trzupek
Epoch Times
Environmental justice is an inherently flawed concept that disproportionately affects the poor and downtrodden through unnecessary, burdensome regulation.

More Misplaced Green Outrage
Greg Walcher
Greens are angry that the Department of the Interior modified a rule they wanted to use to attack energy and ranching.