Heartland Weekly: Tax Cuts Providing Historic Gains

Published July 9, 2018

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GOP Wants Carbon Tax
Peter Ferrara
Investor’s Business Daily
Two former GOP Secretaries of State, James Baker and George Shultz, have teamed up to support a national carbon tax, aka a trillion dollar national gas tax.

Tax Cuts Providing Historic Gains
Justin Haskins
Washington Examiner
Six months after passage of the Trump tax cuts, businesses are not only thriving, they are experiencing some of the most notable economic growth in the country’s history.

Huelskamp on Wheeler’s EPA
Tim Huelskamp
The Heartland Institute
“Just like the extremist Left had it out for Scott Pruitt before he was even sworn in, they have targeted Wheeler as well,” says Heartland President Tim Huelskamp, Ph.D.

Innovating Rural Health Care
Host: Sarah Lee
Guest: FCC Chairman Ajit Pai
Pai discusses the recent cap increase for the Rural Health Care Program and the growing demand for telemedicine services – services provided via the internet – in rural areas.

‘AWFUL’ is a Great Idea
Host: Jesse Hathaway
Guest: Ohio State Rep. John Becker
State Rep. Becker joins to discuss his bill, the AWFUL Act, which would index pay for state lawmakers to the median household income in the state of Ohio.

Creating Our Great Country
Hosts: Andy Singer and Chris Talgo
Guest: David Shestokas
The Fourth of July is a great day for America, and what better way to celebrate than Heartland’s analysis of the book ‘Creating the Declaration of Independence’

Big Tobacco Reducing Harm
Lindsey Stroud
The Hill
Informed consumers are demanding safer alternatives to smoking, and Big Tobacco is responding accordingly. Government should get out of the way.

Association Plans Foster Choice
Sarah Lee
American Thinker
The Department of Labor issued a rule change that makes it possible for small businesses and associations to offer more affordable health care plans.

Celebrate the Advancing Freedom
Chris Talgo and Lennie Jarratt
In the first half of 2018, champions of freedom have accomplished some of the biggest victories in decades. Liberty is advancing and tyranny is losing ground.

Connecticut’s ‘Debt Brake’
John Merrifield and Barry Poulson
Washington Examiner
Connecticut lawmakers are trying to prevent the ship of state from crashing into bankruptcy by stopping reckless government spending with a ‘debt brake’.

The Economy Will Win Over Voters
Peter Ferrara
The Hill
Who is winning in this robust and booming economy? Blue-collar workers, who used to be the backbone of the Democratic Party. Are Dems sweating the midterms?

Gun Control Threatens Rights
Chris Talgo and Lennie Jarratt
American Thinker
Gun control advocates do not understand natural rights and the founding principles of the United States, nor the importance of the Second Amendment.

Let’s End Wind and Solar Welfare
Seton Motley
‘Green energy’ is demonstrably worse compared to fossil fuel competitors. Let’s not stifle growth in pursuit of lofty environmentalist dreams.