Heartland Weekly: The Disastrous Socialist Revolution

Published February 10, 2020

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Environmentalism as a Death Cult
Edward Hudgins
High profile environmentalists are accepting and even actively cheering for the extinction of humanity, which calls into question the basis of their activism if nobody is left afterwards to enjoy it.

The Disastrous Socialist Revolution
Justin Haskins
Fox News
Socialists politicians wish to launch a second American Revolution run by a gigantic government bureaucracy, supported by enormous tax increases, and featuring a massive number of regulations.

GND Horrible for Environment
Tim Benson
Watts Up With That
A new Heartland Institute Policy Brief by Policy Advisor Paul Driessen exposes the serious consequential damage that the Green New Deal would impose if it were to become policy in America.

Data Privacy for All
Host: Robert Davis
Guest: Rep. Josh Yokela
Representative Josh Yokela of New Hampshire joins the podcast discuss his newly introduced amendment to the state’s constitution on data privacy.

Are We Prepared for Corona?
Host: AM Schieber
Guest: Jane Orient
Should Americans be ducking for cover from the coronavirus? Dr. Jane Orient says the public needs to be cautious because there are too many unknowns.

GND’s Authoritarian Destruction
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: Paul Driessen
A Heartland Policy Advisor explains that The Green New Deal would require an authoritarian takeover of the economy and result in environmental devastation.   

When Wokeness Runs Amok
Chris Talgo
American Thinker
What better time to champion identity politics than the formation of a presidential commission to handle a potentially global deadly pandemic?

Why Don’t We Hear About the Sun?
Lehr and Harris
America Out Loud
Why don’t we hear more about the sun and its impact on climate change? Simple – because the government can’t control the sun and it can’t and tax the sun.

Don’t Underestimate Trump Supporters
Richard Trzupek
Epoch Times
Former Republican strategist Rick Wilson recently casually demeaned millions of Trump supporters live on CNN. But Trump supporters are hardly “rubes.”

MSNBC  Says ‘Heartland’ is Racist Term
Chris Talgo
American Spectator
MSNBC’s Joy Reid said on air that the term ‘heartland’ is a dog whistle to ‘white voters,’ demonstrating her utter disconnect from the middle of the country.

Super Bowl Proves America Is Not Broken
Jeffrey Tucker
If you were one of the one hundred million people who watched the Super Bowl, you saw a picture of America that is beautiful, vibrant, and functional in every way.

The Mixed Economy Is a Mess
Richard Ebeling
What if we look behind the labels of being positive or negative about “capitalism” vs. “socialism” and just ask people want they actually want government to do?

Renewable Energy Mandates Too Costly
Tim Benson
Research & Commentary
Renewable energy mandates force expensive, heavily subsidized, and politically favored electricity sources on ratepayers with little environmental gain.

‘Climate Science Was Corrupted’
H. Sterling Burnett
In an interview with ECN Managing Editor H. Sterling Burnett, award-winning scientist Timothy Ball, Ph.D., discusses the corruption in the field of climate science. 

Measuring Prosperity and Inequality
Dan Sutter
The Freedom Pub
If a quest to address income inequality in America compromises the conditions necessary for prosperity, we might once again find ourselves all equally poor.