Heartland Weekly: ‘The Eagle Has Landed,’ 50 Years Later

Published July 22, 2019

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Transparency Improves Under President Trump
H. Sterling Burnett
Inside Sources
To paraphrase American hero Neil Armstrong, the Trump administration’s actions have been “small steps for regulatory agencies, but giant leaps for scientific integrity.”

‘The Eagle Has Landed,’ 50 Years Later
Edward Hudgins
Washington Examiner
It is appropriate 50 years after Apollo 11 to reflect on what it took to get us there, what values the landing manifested, and how it can guide us in our future endeavors.

LAST CHANCE: Register for the July 25 ICCC-13
Jim Lakely
The Heartland Institute
If you have not yet registered for the most-important climate conference of the year in Washington, DC, time is  running out! Get your tickets today for Thursday’s event.

Judith Curry: Becoming a Climate Skeptic
Host: Anthony Watts
Guest: Judith Curry
Prominent climate scientist Dr. Judith Curry explains how she saw the scientific community promote faulty science on climate change and illustrates why it is not a present danger.

Health Care for Unauthorized Immigrants
Host: AnneMarie Schieber
Guest: Chris Conover, Ph.D.
Every 2020 candidate said they support health care for illegal immigrants. This issue is already contributing a considerable amount for this care: $18.5 billion.

NJ has the Highest Property Taxes in the Nation
Host: Lennie Jarratt
Guest: Brian Thomas
The Executive Director of Citizens for Accountable Taxation discusses why the property taxes in New Jersey are so high and what can be done to control them.

Is it Now Time for #NEAexit?
Larry Sand
California Policy Center
The yearly National Education Association convention was as blatantly left-wing as ever, and conservative teachers are better served staying at home.

Maybe You Are an Individualist Too
Jeffrey Tucker
The point of individualism is not to reject community. It is to embrace the idea that community should always be an individual choice. 

Modern Societies Require Minerals
Paul Driessen and Ned Mamula
The Heartland Institute
Congress would end U.S. mining and leave the country dependent on critical materials from abroad at a time of flourishing domestic energy.

The Tech Titans and Antitrust Policy
Thomas Hemphill
The “tech titans”—Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google—have caught the unwanted attention of the federal government, with “techlash” hearings held over the past two years.

Climate Alarmism Is an Serious Economic Threat
Alan Carlin
The Heartland Institute
Climate alarmism is probably the most insidious, largest, and most dangerous scam ever perpetrated on the American public and most of the developed and still developing world.

NH Senate Rejects Plastic Bag, Straw Bans
Kelsey Hackem
Budget & Tax News
In a victory for freedom and common sense, the state of New Hampshire will not ban thin-film plastic grocery bags or limit restaurants’ use of plastic soda straws … at least not this year.

Gas Taxes Not the Solution for Transportation
Matthew Glans
Policy Tip Sheet
Get caught up on gasoline taxes, how they have become less effective over time, and why states can no longer rely on them to fund state transportation projects.

Students in WI Choice Programs Outperform Peers
Tim Benson
Research & Commentary
Copious empirical research shows Wisconsin school choice programs offer families improved access to high-quality schools that meet their children’s unique needs.

Our Testimony on Vaping Flavors in Massachusetts
Lindsey Stroud
The Heartland Institute
Although lawmakers want to deter youth use of e-cigarettes, policies regulating devices should not restrict adult access to effective smoking cessation tools.