Heartland Weekly: Watch All of AFEC 2018

Published August 13, 2018

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Short-Term Health Insurance Victory
Justin Haskins
Washington Examiner
Short-term health insurance plans are significantly cheaper than most Obamacare plans because they don’t include many of the costly essential health benefits mandated under federal law.

Watch All of the America First Energy Conference 2018
The Heartland Institute Heartland hosted its second America First Energy Conference in New Orleans on Tuesday. Watch every minute of every presentation by our outstanding experts and key government officials.

How to Overcome the Perils of Success
Tim Huelskamp
The Heartlander
The latest edition of Heartland’s quarterly report (formerly called QPR) is hot off the digital presses. Read President Tim Huelskamp’s summary essay and details on our latest accomplishments for liberty.

The Promise of Energy Dominance
AFEC Audio
Guest: Joe Balash
Assistant Secretary of the Interior Joe Balash gave a passionate and hopeful speech at Heartland’s energy conference on his department’s strategy to establish American global energy dominance.

Heartland’s History and Future
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: Joseph Bast
The Heartland Institute’s founding president, Joseph Bast, discusses the organization’s 34-year history, its many achievements and what it hopes to acomplish under its new leadership.

Price Transparency and Health Care
Host: Sarah Lee
Guest: Rajesh Voddiraju
The Health iPass CEO discusses his startup software company that helps providers navigate the new “patient as payer” direction in health care.

Socialism on the Ash Heap of History
Chris Talgo
American Spectator
An examination of human migration patterns over the past several thousand years demonstrates one fundamental truth: People seek places where they can be free and can pursue prosperity.

Don’t Let USPS Kill E-Commerce
Edward Hudgins
Detroit News
E-commerce has revolutionized the economy, giving consumers access to every imaginable product at the best prices, without leaving their homes.

Medicare for All is a Nightmare
Charlie Katebi
The Hill
As the 2018 midterm elections approach, growing numbers of progressive candidates have endorsed a single-payer health insurance program that would cost trillions we don’t have.

‘Skinny’ Insurance Plans Help Families
Sarah Lee
Washington Examiner
A new rule allows individuals to carry these plans a bit longer, providing a much-needed option as healthcare consumers seek alternatives to expensive, one-size-fits-all Obamacare plans.

Alexa, What Is The Meaning Of Life?
Robert Holland
Alexa, are you a just-for-fun toy, or are trying to take over every aspect of our existence – even something as close to our hearts as the education of our children?

Sustainability for Orwellian Ends
Jay Lehr
Environment & Climate News
In Sustainable, Tom DeWeese details the increasing efforts by socialist-leaning groups to remove our property rights and individual freedoms under the banner of “sustainability.”