Heartland Weekly: We Need Public Discussion on Climate Change

Published September 16, 2019

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De Blasio’s ‘Robot Tax’ Sounds Like a Joke
Justin Haskins
Fox News
The unpopular mayor and soon to be ex-Democratic candidate is terrified of robots, artificial intelligence, and other advanced machines that make jobs safer, more efficient, and less expensive.

We Need Public Discussion on Climate Change
Frank Lasée
The Washington Times
The Heartland Institute is sending invitations to prominent advocates of the man-caused climate crisis, beginning with livestreamed sessions September 23 in New York City.

Heartland Reacts to Proposed Vaping Flavor Ban
Lindsey Stroud
The Heartland Institute
“President Trump’s proposal to ban flavored electronic cigarettes and vaping devices is an affront to tobacco harm reduction and would lead former smokers back to cigarettes.”

Should Medicaid Cover Hospital Air Ambulances?
Host: Sarah Lee
Guest: Evan Blauser
The Wyoming Liberty Group is sticking up for rural residents and the poor when it opposes a state plan to use Medicaid funds to pay for air ambulance services.

Putting People First by Fighting Climate Alarmism
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: Caleb Rossiter, Ph.D.
The executive director of the CO2 Coalition points out how the environmental left is harming the poor by hyping unfounded fears of a man-caused climate crisis.

Sanders’ Energy Plans Will Destroy Modern Medicine
Host:H. Sterling Burnett
Guest:Dr. Jane Orient
The Green New Deal would put an end to reliable energy production in America. So what becomes of your health if your hospital goes dark when you’re sick?

CO Proves Why School Districts Are Pointless
Teresa Mull
Who is the school district to stand in the way of parents’ doing what they think best? Moreover, why do school districts exist at all? They only restrict parental choice.

Sleep Well, the Planet isn’t in Danger
Justin Haskins
Fox News 
Recently there has been a fright over having a family due to the impact it would have on the environment. This is a ridiculous idea and contradictory to nature.

Solutions at Town Hall Would Be A Nightmare
H. Sterling Burnett
Inside Sources
If the world is not coming to an end, why are Democrats saying it is? The answer is simple: scaring people into embracing socialist policies they wish to foist upon us.

Seeing George Orwell Down on the Farm
S.T. Karnick
American Greatness
A year-long harassment campaign against Schooner Creek Farm in Indiana is the Left’s updated “Two-Minutes Hate.” The threats have stopped, at least for now.

Government Only Makes Problems Worse
Chris Talgo
Sun Sentinel 
When it comes to solving social and economic problems, the private sector invariably outperforms public sector bureaucracies. Example #1: education

Is a Recession Coming? Don’t Count on It
Clifford Thies
The Heartland Institute
The forecast of an imminent and even a disastrous recession has been continually pushed by the fake news since Trump’s election. We’ll be waiting for a while.

Buckets of Icy Cold Reality for CNN
Paul Driessen
The Heartland Institute
Not once did CNN’s hosts articulate a technical challenge inherent in the Green New Deal. To them, “renewable” energy will just happen – like manna from Gaia.

Greenlighting Classroom Disruptions
Larry Sand
California Policy Center
Let each school – administration, teachers and parents – figure out how to handle behavior problems with students. Keep the state government out of the equation.

‘Medicare for All’ Model Set Back Kidney Care
AnneMarie Schieber
Health Care News
If voters want a lesson in how a socialized health care system would work, they should learn how the U.S. health care system treats (or more accurately, mistreats) kidney patients.