Heartland Weekly: Welcome the ‘Health Care Wars’

Published June 18, 2018

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Fight Crime, but Protect Privacy
Jesse Hathaway
Post & Courier
Law enforcement’s growing use of consumer genetic-information testing could present a significant threat to individuals’ liberty and privacy..

Welcome the ‘Health Care Wars’
Sarah Lee
Mainstream news reports might cause one to think the country’s health care system is on the verge of collapse, but it’s only Obamacare that is on its way out.

NJ’s Disastrous ACA Decision 
Justin Haskins and Arianna Wilkerson
The Hill
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed legislation on May 30 that will re-impose the individual mandate for “qualifying” health insurance or else pay a penalty.

Fake Promises of Renewable Energy
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: Norm Rogers
Roget’s new book titled Dumb Energy: The Fake Promise of Wind and Solar Energy where he examines why the costs of wind and solar power are so high.

Guns: Everyone’s Favorite Scapegoat
Hosts: Chris Talgo, Arianna Wilkerson, Andy Singer, and Linnea Lueken
A rich Chicago suburb just had an assault style weapon ban blocked by an Illinois judge. A panel of Heartland members discusses this judge’s decisions.

In The Tank: Ep. 144
Hosts: Donny Kendall and John Nothdurft
Donny and John are joined by Heartland Executive Editor Justin Haskins to talk about the Seattle Head Tax, the Elitism of the Left, Trump trade policy and more.

Patients Now Have Right To Try
Sarah Lee
American Spectator
Right To Try is a monumental achievement for those of us who have been fighting for decades for greater health care freedom.

Vermont Offers Cash to New Residents
Chris Talgo and Emma Kaden
Washington Examiner
As states compete to attract new residents and increase their tax bases, two very different strategies have come to the forefront.

Zero Risk for Smokeless Tobacco
Brad Rodu
Tobacco Truth
The American Cancer Society’s new position on smokeless tobacco seems to show it is abandoning its 30-year crusade against tobacco harm reduction

Allentown: A Prescient Song
Daniel Sutter
Freedom Pub
Billy Joel’s “Allentown,” released 35 years ago during a terrible recession, anticipated an important change in our economy and society.

Only Voters Can “Drain The Swamp”
Chris Talgo
Americans are tired of the national government’s ruling class and their swampy deeds, but nothing will change unless the American people change.

A Guide to a Complex World
Jay Lehr
In his book The Road to Ruin, James Rickards weaves together disparate concepts to help illuminate how and why the global economy works the way does.