Homeschoolers Want State NAEP Ended

Published June 1, 2000

Arguing that the National Assessment of Educational Progress’s reporting of student achievement by state is leading to a national curriculum, the Home School Legal Defense Association is organizing a coalition that would seek to end the federal government’s collection of state-by-state student achievement data.

The group, based in Purcellville, Virginia, contends NAEP state tests have encouraged states to adjust their own testing programs to match those of the NAEP.

“What gets tested must be taught,” the Association’s senior counsel, Christopher J. Klicka, told Education Week. “We’re one step shy of a national curriculum, and we’re moving fast in that direction.”

The coalition’s aim is to terminate NAEP’s state tests and return the program to its original purpose: Testing a national sample of students and reporting results for four regions, not individual states.

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