How the Milwaukee Voucher Program Works

Published December 1, 1998

A November 10 Wall Street Journal description of the workings of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program makes clear the direct parallel between that voucher program and other taxpayer-funded programs that enhance choice for college students and pre-school children.

“The Milwaukee Parental Choice Program works in the same way as Pell Grants, the G.I. Bill or federal day-care vouchers–which is to say the money goes directly to the student, who designates the institution that will receive it. There is no state subsidy of any religious institution; the programs are all scrupulously neutral.

“Just as a graduate student is permitted to use his Pell Grant at Notre Dame or Yeshiva University or a toddler’s parents can send him to the local Presbyterian pre-school, a qualifying Milwaukee family can use their voucher to send their child to a parochial school if that’s their choice.”