Hypothetically Speaking Too Much

Published January 7, 2012

Here’s a vivid example of how far lawyers will go to explain their clients’ actions–even when they shouldn’t. The lawyer of accused pedophile Jerry Sandusky was quoted as saying the former Penn State assistant football coach might have showered with young boys to teach them how to get clean.

“Teaching a person to shower at the age of 12 or 14 sounds strange to some people,” the lawyer said, “but people who work with troubled youth will tell you there are a lot of juvenile delinquents … who have to be taught basic life skills like how to put soap on their body.”

When commentators took that as an admission Sandusky showered with young males to teach them showering skills, the lawyer said he needed to “clarify” that statement:

“Jerry … denies any sexual touching or inappropriate touching in the shower. Therefore, I would like to clarify that I am not suggesting that this is what happened in this case, but was answering questions about possible motivations an individual might have for an adult to shower with a juvenile.”


Source: Kevin Underhill, “Dear Jerry Sandusky’s Lawyers: Please Stop Talking,” loweringthebar.net, December 16, 2011