Idaho Choice Advocates Want Override of Veto

Published April 7, 2015

A pro-school choice group in Idaho is asking state legislators to override a veto regarding an education funding policy, according to a report by The Coalition for Idaho Charter School Families gathered at the statehouse on Monday, April 6, to urge the legislature to challenge the governor’s veto of a House Bill 126.

HB 126 would allow funding to follow students who transfer schools during the academic year. Though it received substantial support in both the House and Senate, Gov. Butch Otter vetoed the bill because he says it would essentially require the state to pay twice for all the students who transfer. Currently, if a student transfers mid-year the school the student first attended receives funding for the entire year and the school the student transfers to gets nothing.  

The Idaho Legislature has not overridden a governor’s veto since 2007. 

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Kim Fields, “School-choice group wants lawmakers to override veto,”, April 6, 2015:

Chris Neal ([email protected]) writes from New York, New York. 

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