If Someone Really Wanted to Harm Obamacare…

Published October 20, 2013

Now I’m not suggesting that anyone go out and do this, but if someone really wanted to hurt ObamaCare, he (or she) would hack into healthcare.gov and steal personal information of those who were stupid enough to enter such information into the technological cesspool that is the ObamaCare web site.

He wouldn’t have to post the most sensitive info, like Social Security numbers…just to show something to prove he has the info, and the already minuscule number of people who are trusting their health care to the government will slow to an even slower trickle.

As far as vulnerable web sites go, it’s hard to imagine that this one isn’t one of the easiest to attack. After all, the process of integrating the systems was not done by professionals, but by Obama campaign hacks and career bureaucrats.

Again, I’m not encouraging anyone to do this. But if there were an enterprising opponent of Obamacare who had the ability to do it, it wouldn’t bother me to learn of such a security breach.

Unfortunately, it seems the left has the most aggressive hackers, and the least sense of ethics. Our side is probably some combination of too nice and not skillful enough to be good hackers, even of the worst web site in recent memory.

Of course the real issue is that people who don’t have the best interests of anyone other than themselves, namely identity thieves and other techie criminals, must undoubtedly be thinking of the Obamacare web site as a target-rich environment. Even separate from my distrust of Kathleen Sebelius and every other aspect of this administration, I’d be very wary about giving any personal information to any person or any system related to Obamacare.