Illinois – Yes, Illinois – Passes School Choice Bill

Published August 30, 2017

Illinois, a state mired in debt and tortured by one of, if not the worst teachers unions in the nation, has finally done something to help children stuck in failing schools, if even just a little:

It took several hours, three roll-call votes and no shortage of drama, but the Illinois House on Monday passed a “compromise” school funding bill — setting the stage for state government to overhaul the way it bankrolls public education.

The compromise is thought to be a historic step forward for public school funding statewide. It was reached after weeks of negotiations — and was struck as a way to get both Republicans and [Gov. Bruce] Rauner on board.

The House failed to pass the compromise measure on the first try — only 14 Democrats voted for it — but that was a largely ceremonial act orchestrated by Democrats to show their disdain of one of the bill’s most controversial aspects: a $75 million private school scholarship and tax-credit program that teachers unions oppose.

Despite the Democrats’ “disdain,” Illinois families will now have a tiny taste of choice, and something tells me that little taste will incite disdain for the people who didn’t want them to have it.

SOURCE: Chicago Sun Times


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