Immigration a Bipartisan Issue

Published November 30, 2006

Dear Editor:

If 2008 means anything to Democrats they should pass around Miguel Perez’s November 28 column, “Putting immigration on back burner could singe Dems in 2008.” Perez is absolutely right that most Democrats are leaving immigration “off the list of issues” to address.

Immigration as an issue cuts across both parties. It matters to the African-American community and the Unions just as much as it does to the Minutemen and national security hawks. Democrats should not interpret their election victory as a mandate to do nothing.

Immigration is an economic issue, a civil rights issue, and a social issue all at the same time, which means it won’t be going way anytime soon.


Lee Walker
New Coalition for Economic and Social Change

Lee Walker ([email protected]) is president of The New Coalition for Economic and Social Change. This letter was sent to the Chicago Sun-Times in response to Miguel Perez’s November 28 column on immigration.