Improving Science Education

Published April 1, 1998

As part of an ongoing effort to increase science literacy, the Bayer Corporation has gathered views on science education from principals, business leaders, teachers, parents and students in the report What America Thinks About Science Education Reform. (See “Students Want More Hands-on Science Teaching,” School Reform News, June 1997). The report provides the following prescription for improving science education:

  • Teach science as the “fourth R,” giving it the same importance, time, and teaching skills as reading, writing and math;
  • Base science teaching on an inquiry-driven, hands-on approach that engages and motivates students; gives them problem-solving skills for success at school and work; and provides a working knowledge of science and its methods;
  • Better educate new teachers in science, and give current teachers continuing education and training;
  • Make science resources and activities available in the home, as recreation, as avocation, and to support work on school subjects.