In Search of a CO2-Induced Increase in the Mean Rate-of-Rise of Global Sea Level

Published February 27, 2013

As more data become available, and as more researchers strive to decipher what those data imply, the search appears ever more futile… Read More

The Net Effect of Simultaneous Increases in Air Temperature and CO2 Concentration on Plant Biomass Production (26 Feb 2013)
How does it compare with the individual effects of warming and atmospheric CO2 enrichment? Nineteen researchers hailing from 8 different countries conduct a meta-analysis comprising 821 entries to find out… Read More

Low-Level Liquid-Containing Arctic Clouds (26 Feb 2013)
How well are they simulated by state-of-the-art climate models? The authors of this study conclude that “the simple prescribed relationships between cloud phase and temperature that have historically been used in climate models are incapable of reproducing the Arctic cloud phase observations described here,” which must inevitably lead to similarly inaccurate values of “Arctic surface radiative fluxes and Arctic climate feedbacks,” when employed in current state-of-the-art climate models… Read More

CMIP5 Model Representations of Cloud Vertical Structure (26 Feb 2013)
If a climate modeler asks you are we there yet? – in terms of state-of-the-art models being good enough to predict the climatic future of the planet to a degree deemed adequate to inform both domestic and foreign policy on preferred energy sources of the future – you need to tell him or her no way!… Read More

Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment Increases Atmospheric Carbonyl Sulfide Uptake by Holm Oak and European Beech Trees (27 Feb 2013)
And why do we care about that? Because the implications of such findings suggest that (1) the historical increase in the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration may have had a tempering effect on Earth’s rate of warming during the development of the planet’s Current Warm Period, and that (2) that cooling influence could well increase in the years and decades ahead… Read More

The Impact of Warming on the Ranges of Butterflies in Britain (27 Feb 2013)
Other anthropogenic-induced constraints “appear to be out-weighing the positive effects of a warming climate on habitat breadth,” leading the authors of this paper to suggest in the final sentence of their paper that “only if other non-climatic drivers can be reduced or reversed will species be able to fully exploit any emerging opportunities provided by climate warming”… Read More

Genetic Variation of Grassland Species Across an Altitude Gradient (27 Feb 2013)
Is it sufficient to enable them to withstand being driven to extinction by rising temperatures? Most likely, the answer is yes!… Read More