Integrating Services Helps Parents Help Children

Published November 1, 2006

“The mission of the Casey Foundation is to improve outcomes for children and families, and you can’t help children without helping parents. That’s how we come at this,” said Kathleen Feely, Casey Strategic Consulting’s managing director.

“Casey Strategic Consulting Group has been working mostly with child welfare, juvenile justice, and human service agencies,” Feely said. “We help bring an analytical framework to problems they are trying to resolve. We also bring best practice solutions.

“Gary [MacDougal] in Illinois brought a more integrated delivery system to these families, and it’s worked great. We work with systems that are interested in integrating services, working at the community level, to effect changes in behavior and better outcomes for families. We do this in a very team-based, analytically driven way.”

Feely said Casey Strategic Consulting hires people with strong analytical skills and degrees in public policy, law, or social work or with related knowledge and experience. Feely herself came from management at the New York juvenile justice department.

“On every team we have people who can lead and teach,” Feely said. “We want people in the systems we work with to see where they’re headed and plan for it. Often they are social workers and are not usually trained for analysis.”

Steve Stanek