International Group Launches Pro-nuclear Power Campaign

Published January 1, 2001

Environments for Nuclear Energy (EFN), an international association headquartered in Houilles, France, has launched a “100,000 signatures for nuclear energy” petition campaign.

According to Bruno Comby, president of EFN, the effort aims at “bringing moral support to clean nuclear energy, to demonstrate to politicians, to the people, and to the media that a great number of persons throughout the world firmly believe that nuclear energy is or can be a clean energy for a better future.”

To register your support for the notion “that nuclear electricity can be clean and respectful of the environment,” find the petition on the Internet at

Alternatively, simply send an email message to [email protected]. Provide your name and address, and write in the body of the message, “YES, I share the idea that nuclear energy can be a clean energy, respectful of the environment.”